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360Sculpt™ (Lipo 360) is a minimally invasive, body contouring laser liposuction procedure designed to remove unwanted fat and sculpt the entire lower torso for a slimmer waistline and toned appearance. 360Sculpt™ removes fat from the upper & lower abdomen, flanks and back area.


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What is 360Sculpt™?

360Sculpt is an advanced 360 body sculpting procedure using SmartLipo™ technology. Smart liposuction is used to destroy unwanted fat in areas of the body and is removed using power-assisted liposuction. With this technique, our surgeons have the ability to literally “sculpt” your body by removing fat in selective areas while enhancing natural muscle contours. XSculpt™ surgeons are experts in muscle anatomy and are specially trained to “sculpt” around muscle contours to achieve dramatic, yet natural results!*

360Sculpt™ FAQ


Who is a candidate for 360Sculpt™?

*The perfect candidate for 360Sculpt™ is someone who has a low to normal BMI (Body Mass Index) and are close to their ideal weight but cannot get rid of stubborn fat in the lower abdomen (stomach area), waist, and mid-back areas, preventing them from achieving a slim body contour.

Liposuction procedures are not designed for obese or high-BMI patients nor those who have significant loose skin seen after weight-loss. Those patients may be better suited for an excision procedure like an abdominoplasty (See Male Tummy Tuck here) (See Female Tummy Tuck here


What areas can be treated with 360Sculpt™?

*The areas that are treated with 360Sculpt™ are the entire lower torso which includes upper and lower abdomen, flanks or sides, and the lower and mid back areas including the “love handles”. Other areas can be added to 360Sculpt™ like thighs and arms. Men can also combined this procedure with ChestSculpt (gynecomastia removal).


How is SmartLipo performed?

*SmartLipo for abdomen (stomach), flank, and trunk areas can be done either awake with pain medication or under deeper sleep with IV sedation. Rarely is general anesthesia required for SmartLipo. Small 1-2mm incisions are used to injected tumescent fluid which contain medicine to numb the area and help to liquefy the fat and minimize bleeding. A special laser fiber is then used to melt and sculpt the fat and help tighten the skin. Finally the liquid fat is removed using liposuction. There is some temporary drainage and potential bruising and swelling following the procedure, but most patients are back to work in 3-5 days.

Smart Lipo 360 Sculpt


What is the difference between SmartLipo and regular liposuction?

Traditional liposuction, known as Tumescent liposuction involves only TWO steps: infiltration of tumescent (medicated saline) and suctioning of fat using cannulas. SmartLipo™is “laser-assisted” liposuction which involves THREE steps: infiltration of tumescent, sculpting the area with a tiny laser fiber, and finally power-assisted liposuction using small cannulas to remove the destroyed fat. The benefits of the SmartLipo™laser are that it works to heat and tighten the skin, liquifies fat for more gentle removal, and also coagulate vessels which results in less bleeding and bruising — all of which will help to shorten recovery time and afford better long-term results!


How long will it take to see the results following my 360Sculpt™?

*The time it will take to see the results will depend upon several factors such as the type of procedure you undergo, the size of the treatment area, and your own individual ability to recover after the surgery. It can take several weeks to half a year before your final result is appreciated as the swelling in the treatment area subsides. The final result will depend upon your physical condition before the procedure and how consistent you are with maintaining a healthy lifestyle afterwards.  If you maintain a healthy diet and regular exercise regimen, the results from your 360Sculpt will last!


Will the fat come back after being removed?

*The beauty of fat-elimination procedures like 360Sculpt using SmartLipo is that fat cells don’t regenerate. Unlike weight loss in which fat cells are simply shrunken, fat-cells destroyed and removed by SmartLipo don’t return. That means your capacity to store fat in that area is COMPLETELY reduced.


What will my recovery be like after my 360Sculpt™?

*A mild to moderate amount of discomfort can be expected with swelling and sensitivity at the areas treated. Depending upon which of the 360Sculpt procedures you undergo, your recovery can vary.  Medications and compression garments may be prescribed to ease your discomfort as well as to accelerate the healing process.  Overall, the discomfort typically lasts as long as two weeks. Shortly after, your results will become evident in your symptoms will begin to disappear.


How much scarring will there be?

*Some amount of scarring will always occur with any procedure that involves skin incisions.  With Smartlipo and liposuction the incisions are very small and usually fade in time. There may be some mild discoloration at the site where the surgery occurred which resolves once the healing process is complete.


Can I just get the SmartLipo surgical procedure done alone?

*Here at XSculpt, we believe in utilizing all the tools at our disposal to maximize your results. Of course the individual procedures are available “a la carte” individually, and yes you can opt to go straight to the Smartlipo procedure first. Often we do perform the surgical portion first as a “jump-start” toward the final result. If you are one of the fortunate individuals who only require a little fine-tuning with Smartlipo alone, then our XSculpt surgeons will offer it to you as an option!


How much does the 360Sculpt™ procedure cost?

The cost of 360Sculpt is is very competitive compared to other practices providing similar services, however not all of these practices have board-certified surgeons who are properly trained and dedicated to providing you the best results with your safety as a priority.  While the cost of the procedure is an important factor in making your decision, it should not be the only thing you consider. Make sure you do your homework on your surgeon before any cosmetic procedure is performed on you.

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