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Unfortunately there are times when no mater how hard you diet and exercise it is still difficult to lose the excess skin in your abdominal region. Your skin is elastic, designed to be able to stretch with our bodies muscle growth, weight fluctuation and pregnancy. However, at times when these adjustments to our bodies happen too quickly our skin is not able to “bounce back” as quickly or reach its former appearance. A Tummy Tuck, also known as an Abdominoplasty is sometimes the best option for a person wanting the physical and psychological benefits of what the procedure can offer.


Abdominoplasty by XSculpt FAQ

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    "How do I know if I'm a good candidate for a Tummy Tuck?"

There are a number of reasons to consider having a Tummy Tuck. Besides the elasticity of our skin another major contributor to a saggy abdominal region is muscle lax or abdominal separation. Muscles, like skin also have the ability to grow and shrink but overtime can lose their natural firmness. This can happen due to age-related changes in the body as well as pregnancy. Both men and women are candidates for a Tummy Tuck procedure however, it is very important start with a comprehensive consultation with a surgeon you trust. This will allow you to cover any question or concerns you might have as well as give you more details on the procedure.

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    "Can my stomach fat be reduced by a Tummy Tuck?"

Yes. If in your case, despite all efforts to remove excess fat by weight loss mechanisms is not working, your surgeon might suggest the use of liposuction during your abdominoplasty procedure. This will level off your midsection for a more firm and tighter look.

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    "Is a full Tummy Tuck surgery appropriate for me or a Mini Tummy Tuck?"

If in your case your skin is below the belly button with a minimal abdominal separation, a mini tummy tuck might be suitable for you. Conversely, a full tummy tuck may be the best option if you have a skin and muscle laxity throughout your lower and upper abdomen.

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    "What is the duration of the whole procedure?"

In some cases an abdominoplasty procedure can take up to an hour to four hours, depending on the scope of the procedure. It is important to talk with your surgeon to get a better understanding of how long your procedure will take.

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    "What should I expect during my recovery?"

You are likely to experience some soreness along the site of incision of the surgery followed by a little discomfort within the abdominal area. You will need plenty of days rest, one to two weeks minimum, as you are recovering from a major procedure. However, the nature of what you would feel will depend on the type of Abdominoplasty done. Your surgeon and his team will give you all the advice and preparation you will need on how to get the best recovery possible.

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    "Will there be scarring?"

As with all surgeries that require and incision to the skin there will be some scarring. Typically you will have a scar that reaches from hip to hip. Your surgeon will take extra precautions to make sure your scar is not as visible by placing the incision below your bikini line. With Mini Tummy Tuck your incision will be smaller.

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    "How long until I see my results?"

You will see results intermediately! During your recovery you will experience some swelling and bruising. While you should see a significant decrease in swelling shorty after your procedure, it will take up to six months to see your final results.

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    "What is the cost of a Tummy Tuck procedure?"

Our prices at XSculpt are very competitive however when considering any plastic surgery procedure price should not be a determining factor. Doing your research on whether or not the surgeon is board certified and qualified should be your main objective.

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