Allan Adajar Weight Loss Program

Meet our latest patient Allan Adajar and follow us on his quest to get healthy and lost 75 pounds.

Allan Adajar, a former track athlete, a successful doctor, dedicated husband and loving father of two boys. Over the years, he had gained weight due to lack of exercise and a bad diet. Foreseeing a future filled with obesity-related medical problems, Allan’s father, also a doctor, had wanted him to take care of himself and asked him to make a promise to lose the weight and get healthy. Unfortunately Allan’s father passed away before he could make good on that promise. His father’s passing motivated him to make good on that promise and finally take action, not only for his father, but for his wife and children who depend on him.

Upon hearing his story, XSculpt put together a team of experts to help him lose 75 pounds and reach his goal of getting healthy. Dr Tatiana Batista will be monitoring his weight loss and Dr. Marc Adajar will work with him on hormone /testosterone optimization. Nutritionist and Personal Trainer Daniela Kelava from MyBodyComplex will be overseeing his diet and exercise program.

For those of you that have been on a weight loss journey, you know how important it is to see the support of family, friends and others to help keep you motivated. Please follow Allan’s progress here on our blog or Youtube channel, Instagram or Facebook and make sure to leave him your comments of encouragement!

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