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Our team of trainers at XSculpt are devoted to helping clients achieve their fitness and health goals through customized training programs each tailored to each client needs. Through this process we help inspire and encourage our clients to develop healthy habits through safe effective programs by instructing, motivating, and educating our clients on exactly what they need to do to maximize their results.

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What Makes Our
XSculpt Trainers

*"We have a specific program called Mind Muscle Connection that gets the client to understand their bodies as well as their mind when they are in the gym. It is not about just walking in picking up weight and slamming it down. We teach you how to connect your mind to the muscle you are working through different breathing techniques, mind relaxation, and proper form. As the Head Trainer of Xsculpt I have been in either a boxing ring or a weight room for more than 15 years now! I have learned through the years of trial and error how to get the mind to connect to the muscle to allow the most growth within that muscle. 'It doesn’t make much sense to be doing a bicep curl, while using your back & shoulder muscles' but through one on one training we will get your body in tune with the weights and get you the dream body you have wanted in a much more efficient way."

How Does the
Program Work?

*We will start each program by weighing and assessing the clients current BMI (body mass index) before, during and after. By taking measurements of the client along the way, we help them know the exact account of what changes are happening during the program. Whether the goal is to run a marathon, lose weight, gain muscle, or get the six pack you have always dreamed of. We will put together a plan that fits you with a trainer that can specifically help you reach your goal. We will then create an outline of time in which we make your goals possible. Through this period of time we will be meeting weekly, checking on progress, learning more techniques, and helping keep you on track with hitting your goals. As you progress so will your program. Here at Xsculpt we understand that the body needs CHANGE to actually be able to change! Our trainers will teach you new workouts each month. You will have the confidence to walk into any gym and feel comfortable knowing that the exercise you are doing is done properly and that everything you have learned is being put to use on your own!

What is the BEST
Part of the XSculpt

*With a program you have never done before there may be doubts. Motivation will be lost at times, and you will wonder some days why am I doing this? Here is where the best part comes in! Our Trainers are with you through this entire journey. Checking in on you and making sure you are doing as the plan says, discussing what problems you’re facing that week, and motivating you to stay on track. I firmly believe that this is a team effort and our team at Xsculpt is on your team from start to finish.

Does XSculpt Offer
Online Training?

*At Xsculpt we will also be offering ONLINE TRAINING for those clients who are on the go, or who already have a great understanding of the gym but aren’t quite getting the results they’re looking for doing their own program. We do the same assessment with an online client getting to know their schedule, habits, current routines, and what their overall goal is with their body. We will then create a custom fitness program tailored to their needs and monitor their workouts through an app (trainerize), which will have all of their workouts at the touch of their phone. Not only allowing the client to keep track but as well as the trainer to see that the client is completing the workouts that has been set for them. We will have full communication through the app, checking in as many times as you would like with whatever questions you may have for your trainer. There will be workout videos of each exercise connected to your workout program, which will allow you to see exactly how to do the exercise. As well as a calorie tracker connected to the app that allows you to load your food right into the app.

How does the body sculpting
fit in the Metahuman Transformation™?

*When combined with a healthy diet, regular exercise, and the muscle gain and weight loss that bioidentical hormones can cause, body sculpting will further add to the definition of your physique. The end result will be so much more amazing than can be obtained by each method by itself!

What body sculpting procedures are done with a MetaHuman Transformation?

*The exact procedures that you may require to turn you into a MetaHuman can vary depending on your body type, expectations, and comfort with each procedure. ChestSculpt™, AbSculpt™, ArmSculpt™, and ButtSculpt™ are all body sculpting techniques that we use for your transformation. You can find out more about each procedure in their pages on our website.

What is the Metahuman Transformation Membership Program?

*Being a member of the Metahuman Transformation™ Program allows you access to all the services offered by XSculpt for one annual membership fee.   As a MetaHuman, you will have the ability to undergo or participate in the services of the medispa, body sculpting division, functional medicine division, and the bioidentical hormone replacement therapy program.   The frequency in which you can enjoy the benefits in each area is only limited by recovery times for the procedures and the time intervals inherent to the treatments.

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*The best candidates for a Metahuman Transformation are those people who are close to or at their ideal body weight. If you aren’t quite there yet, we have programs such as the medical weight loss clinic, functional medicine department, and bioidentical hormone replacement therapy center as well as a network of personal trainers that can help you get to that point where the Metahuman Transformation will serve you best!

What is the
cost to be a
member of
the Metahuman

*The price for all the memberships and procedures at XSculpt are very competitive compared to other centers providing the same services, however not all of these centers have board-certified cosmetic surgeons who are dedicated to providing you the best results with your safety as a priority. Make sure you do your homework on your surgeon before any cosmetic procedure is performed on you.

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Results will vary from person to person. For a better idea of what you can achieve, please come into the office for a consultation.