Gynecomastia can affect self-esteem

By XSculpt | November 20, 2019

The Psychological Impact of Gynecomastia Studies and psychological inquiries are consistently evaluating the societal and personal perception of people with abnormal growth conditions caused by altered levels of different hormones in the body. Currently, about two-thirds of the world’s male population suffers from gynecomastia, a non-cancerous enlargement of glandular breast in men, with an estimate […]

everything you need to know about low testosterone

Low T: Everything You Need To Know

By XSculpt | November 11, 2019

WHAT IS TESTOSTERONE DEFICIENCY Testosterone is an essential hormone present in both men and women. It plays a critical role in maintaining people’s mental and physical health. WHY PEOPLE DEVELOP LOW TESTOSTERONE  Testosterone levels drop about 1 to 3% a year starting at the age of 30 in men and age 25 in women. Your […]

does marijuana cause gynecomastia

Does Marijuana Cause Gynecomastia?

By XSculpt | November 6, 2019

The short answer is: the jury is still out. Many members of the medical community note the connection as possible but not proven. In animal studies marijuana has been shown to cause low testosterone and higher estrogen, resulting in increased breast tissue. In humans however, this has been harder to prove. Lower testosterone has been […]

Xsculpt male Surgery

How To Lose Weight Fast

By XSculpt | September 17, 2019

After returning home from a family beach vacation, our very own Dr. Truong stepped on the scale to find that he had gained a whopping 14lbs- in just one week! How could this have happened? Has all of his hard work to get fit and healthy been erased?  You, too, may be familiar with this […]


Chicago Pride Fest Sponsor

By XSculpt | July 9, 2019

XSculpt Chicago was a proud sponsor of Chicago Pride Fest 2019! For more event photos check out our Instagram page @xsculpt Previous Next

low testosterone in women

5 Signs You Have Low Testosterone for Women

By XSculpt | February 15, 2019

Is it possible for women to have low testosterone?  The answer is yes! Testosterone is just as important in women as it is in men. There are two hormones in the body that are really important for our well being: Estrogen and Testosterone and everyone needs both regardless if you are male or female. However, the […]

Does vitamin b12 work for weight loss

B12 Shots For Weight Loss

By XSculpt | December 7, 2018

I have patients ask me why they need Vitamin B12, and I always tell them it is one of the most important vitamins to optimize for many different reasons. What is VItamin B12? It is a water-soluble vitamin. Can be given, orally, or in Intramuscular injections.  Usually, in the form of methylcobalamin, optimal range in […]

xsculpt refer a friend program

Refer a friend

By XSculpt | November 19, 2018

Refer all your friends and family to XSculpt and receive up to $500 credit*! We value every one of our patients and want to show appreciation for your support through our XSculpt Refer A Friend program. You can earn a little or a lot because there’s no limit to how much Referral Credit you can […]

What is hormone pellet therapy at XSculpt

By XSculpt | November 13, 2018

What is Hormone Pellet Therapy? Simply put, hormone pellet therapy is the treatment of a person’s symptoms due to hormonal imbalance using pellets to deliver a steady dose of hormones such as testosterone and/or estrogen. What are testosterone pellets used for? Testosterone pellets are used to dispense testosterone consistently at an optimal level over time. […]

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10 ways you can increase testosterone naturally

By XSculpt | November 9, 2018

Many of our patients often ask if there are ways to increase their testosterone levels naturally or if there are any at home remedies available before seeking treatment. I like to identify whether there are foods, supplements, or lifestyle habits that might be contributing to their low testosterone levels first and then recommend simple (but […]

gynecomastia before and after

45 Minute Cure for Man Boobs ChestSculpt

By XSculpt | November 2, 2018

How do you treat gynecomastia a.k.a. man boobs? There are many resources online or even companies claiming there are natural at-home remedies, gyno pills or even non-surgical gyno treatments like coolsculpting can get rid of your enlarged male breast glands, but this is simply false! True gynecomastia can only be cured by surgically removing the […]

Xsculpt male Surgery

Man Boobs Are Sad Bro

By XSculpt | August 29, 2018

Gynecomastia is no laughing matter. Unfortunately, many men have been body-shamed for it. Our very own  Dr. Adajar suffered from this condition used this saying “Man boobs are sad bro” as a mantra to take control of his health, hormones and get himself treated. Many of you have likely come across our advertisement around Chicago […]