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*ButtSculpt is a procedure designed by XSculpt to enhance your butt so that it appears more shapely and sexy! We accomplish this by transferring purified fat from your lower back and sides to areas around your gluteus muscles so your butt’s natural curvature is enhanced. This procedure is also commonly known as a "Brazilian butt lift" which is actually a misleading name since the procedure involves transferring purified fat from one area of your body to another. An actual “lift” requires extensive incisions and tissue shifting. ButtSculpt is a minimally invasive procedure utilizing tiny incisions allowing for a much nicer cosmetic result and reduced downtime.



*ButtSculpt is unlike anything on the market today, BECAUSE we use a proprietary combination of workouts, nutrition, lasers, and fat transplants to give you the ultimate results for your body!


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    Where do you get the fat to be transferred?

*One of the great things about ButtSculpt is that the fat that is used to enhance your butt is taken from the areas of your body which have excessive amounts of fat such as your back, sides, and lower abdominal wall. Fat can even be taken from your arms and thighs. A ButtSculpt not only makes your butt look amazing but it is an overall body shaping procedure!

where do you get fat transferred from with a Brazilian butt lift?

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    Will that fat transfer stay in place?

*Since the fat that is being transferred is from your own body, the fat transfer will stay where it is grafted. The fat cells will act as if they have been in the new transferred area from the very start. Once the healing is complete and the fat cells are thriving in their new home, they will act just like the fat cells in the rest of your body, growing and shrinking as needed.

Is the fat transfer from a Brazilian Butt Lift permanent?


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    How is the fat removed?

*The technique that is used to remove the fat is a fat suctioning method termed liposuction. ButtSculpt liposuction requires very small incisions which will be practically invisible over time. Depending upon your body's shape combined with your expectations will determine if one or both of these procedures are required.

How is the fat removed during my Brazilian Butt Lift procedure?

*Actual patient. Individual results may vary.

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    How is the fat added?

*Once the fat is removed from your areas that have excessive fat, it is purified then injected through tiny incisions into the areas of your butt to make them fuller, rounder, and sexier!  The areas of the sides and above the gluteal muscles is where the majority of the fat is transferred to.


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    How long is the ButtSculpt procedure?

*The length of the procedure is determined by how many areas of fat that need to be harvested and transferred to your butt to obtain the look that you want. In general, the procedure can be as short as two hours and sometimes as long as five hours or greater.

How long is the ButtSculpt™ Brazilian Butt Lift procedure?


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    How long is recovery after a ButtSculpt procedure?

*The recovery lasts about two weeks. Immediately following the procedure you will be in a recovery room from approximately 1 to 2 hours before going home. Over the next 24 hours you may experience a small amount of drainage from your incisions which will go away in a short amount of time. 48 hours following the procedure is when you can take your first shower. We recommend that you take at least one week off from your responsibilities so that you can heal appropriately. You will need to wear a special compression garment that will provide the appropriate amount of pressure to the surgical area for about 2 weeks.

How long is recovery after a ButtSculpt™ Brazilian Butt Lift procedure?

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    Is it true that you can't sit on your butt for the entire recovery time following procedures like ButtSculpt?

*Fortunately this is not true. We do recommend that you avoid prolonged amount of time sitting for the first two weeks while you are recovering. The majority of the fat is transferred to the sides and upper parts of your butt so that pressure to the bottom and middle parts isn't an issue. However to maximize your cosmetic results we do recommend you either sit on a soft pillow, donut type cushion, or periodic weight shifting while you are sitting for the first two weeks.

Can you not sit on your butt for the entire recovery time following procedures like ButtSculpt™ Brazilian Butt Lift?

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    How much fat can be transferred into my butt?

*Depending on your body type and the quality of the harvested fat, will determine how much fat can be injected into the area. For safety reasons, there is a total recommended limit that can be harvested then injected. XSculpt prides itself on giving you the cosmetic results you want while still staying well within the safety limits. Our primary goal is to perform safe procedures while providing a cosmetic result that will make you happy!

How much fat can be transferred into my butt during my Brazilian Butt Lift procedure?

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    Are there any risks or complications that can happen with an ButtSculpt procedure?

All surgical procedures have a certain level of risk with potential complications. Fortunately we have knowledgeable and experienced board-certified surgeons so these instances are rare.

The anesthesia used by XSculpt are provided by certified nurse practitioners and physicians whose primary goal is your safety. Almost all of the procedures performed by XSculpt do not require a general anesthetic, thereby minimizing your risks.

Specifically with ButtSculpt the more common issues that occur is asymmetry or irregularities in the skin in either the injected or harvested areas. If any of these occur, a complimentary revision may be required. Bleeding, hematomas (blood collections), or infections are more serious problems that can occur which would require surgical intervention. Blood clots can also occur which are minimized by frequent walking immediately after the surgery. Fortunately these problems are rare and can be avoided with good postoperative care. Some amount of swelling and bruising at any of the surgical areas are expected following the procedure and resolve with time.

The most serious complication associated with procedures that involve fat transfers and fat injections is called a fat embolism. A fat embolism occurs when a globule of the transferred fat enters a blood vessel. The fat globule then travels through the blood vessel to different parts of the body such as the lungs, heart, or brain. It is for this reason that it is so important that your surgeon has the appropriate training, intimate knowledge of the anatomy, and experience with performing a Brazilian Butt Lift. Even when all of the appropriate safety measures are taken, problems can occur but with the right surgeons like those at XSculpt, these risks can be minimized. The XSculpt surgeons are board-certified and extensively trained in this procedure.

Are there any risks or complications that can happen with an ButtSculpt™ Brazilian Butt Lift?

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    What is the cost for ButtSculpt?

The price for all the procedures at XSculpt are very competitive compared to other centers providing the same services, however not all of these centers have board-certified cosmetic surgeons who are dedicated to providing you the best results with your safety as a priority. Make sure you do your homework on your surgeon before any cosmetic procedure is performed on you.

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What is the cost for ButtSculpt™ Brazilian Butt Lift?

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