How do guys get rid of pointy nipples? | Gynecomastia Surgery & Pointy or Long Nipple Reduction

How do guys get rid of pointy nipples?

XSculpt Surgeon Dr. Anh-Tuan Truong shows us how male pointy nipples are fixed with nipple reduction surgery on this male patient. This male patient also underwent gynecomastia correction surgery.

Puffy nipples in men are usually associated with gynecomastia. The enlarged breast gland (excess breast tissue) causes the nipple and areola to be pushed outward, causing the appearance of a “pointy nipple” or “puffy nipple“.

Male pointy nipples usually do not go away on its own. Diet and exercise may help depending on the cause. Some common causes may include:

Many men are bothered by the appearance and choose to undergo nipple reduction surgery.

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