XSculpt Nutrition Counseling

*The correct nutrition can dramatically affect your results!

What is the XSculpt
Nutritional Counseling

*“Here at Xsculpt we believe that YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT! With that in mind if you want to make changes to your physical appearance than you MUST make healthier choices by filling your body with natural, non processed, non GMO and fresh in season fruits and vegetables. Making better food choices will help you with your fitness journey and help you cure some of the most common auto-immune diseases we face in the U.S. currently.

  • GMO
  • Processed
  • Wheat
  • Dairy
  • Lectin Protein

*Processed food causes serious damage to our bodies organs and most people believe that because something is low fat, low sugar or is coming from a high end organic grocery that this mean it is good for you. We are here to change that misconceptions and teach our clients the right product to look for and what a lifestyle eating plan is. This will teach you how to fuel your body the right way! This does not mean you will be starving or hating what you eat. It is a Lifestyle Meal Plan not a DIET. Our Xsculpt food list is a plant based concentrated meal list with the allowance of eating specific pasteurized, grass fed poultry, fish, and red meat set moderation each day. We recommend taking out ALL Wheat Products, and ALL COW DAIRY PRODUCTS, as well as the majority of products that contain the protein “Lectin”.

Get a complimentary body analysis & consultation (regularly $100):
  • Lifestyle change not diet!
  • Macro-nutrient meal plan
  • Customized meal plan
  • MyFitnessPal App

*We will also show how to cook certain foods and eliminate these ingredients so you can still enjoy many of the foods you love! Our Team of Certified Nutritionists will all be following our Xsculpt Food List while customizing each plan for your individual’s needs & goals. When you meet with your nutritionist we will review your health goals and any medical conditions, as well as allergies you may have. We will review your current eating habits and assess your food diet in relation to what your new goal is. Together we will learn what we are going to need to change to get you on the right track!

"Achievable goals by working together!"

*Together will work to identify what areas of your life need to be changed, prioritize the change, and come up with a solution on how to make these changes. Changing someone’s eating habits is not an easy task and here at Xsculpt we will never make you do a 360 change without slowly adding in gradual dietary changes so your life will not seem out of line. It could be as simple as starting to eat breakfast, or adding in two extra vegetables into your diet. Remember we are creating a Lifestyle Change this is not a DIET!

*We are preparing you to be able to make healthy choices for the rest of your life with the knowledge we give you to make these changes. Each week we will be progressing these changes, even minimal changes until we get our clients to feel comfortable with eating these new foods and not feeling confused on what they should be doing when they are on there own! After our assessment we will be creating a Custom Calorie and Macronutrient based Meal Plan that will be specific to our clients goals. You will be given a full list of the Xsculpt Food List and a laid out daily meal plan for you to use as a guide on what to eat each day. You will choose from over 300 different foods from our list! This will let you be in charge of what you want to eat that day but guide your daily Calorie & Macro Goals.

We will find exactly what works for your body!

*We will be tracking your food through the MYFITNESSPAL APP (which is linked to our training app) allowing the nutritionist and trainer to keep track of what the client is eating to see if we need to make any changes as the weeks go on. Each month we will be changing the clients Calorie and Macro Goals accordingly to the changes they are making with their weight and BMI. We understand that in order for the body to change we need to create change.

*So we will be manipulating the times you eat, changing the calories intake, and changing the macronutrients you are taking in each day. We will do this until we find exactly what works for your body. We are looking for what gives you the most energy, positive mind, less autoimmune diseases, and an overall healthier body. Our Purpose with our Xsculpt Nutrition is to teach, inform, and make positive changes in our clients eating habits through our customized list of foods. We truly believe that the proper food can not only help you look better, but also help cure you of common diseases that you face because you are not eating the proper foods for your body. You will be taught how to create balanced eating habits, why you are eating the foods we recommend and help you make wholesome food choices that will work for your body for the rest of your life!”

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Results will vary from person to person. For a better idea of what you can achieve, please come into the office for a consultation.