“My self esteem was shattered...” | my self esteem was shattered

“My self esteem was shattered…”

Procedure:  VASERLipo of chest with bilateral gland excision

Gynecomastia grade:  III

Duration Post-op:  12 weeks

Surgeon:  Dr. Marc Adajar

Dr. Marc Adajar is an outstanding surgeon. I had a very bad, rare reaction, to some medications. As a result it left me with gynecomastia.

This condition made me look and feel terrible. I was ashamed to take my shirt off in front of others. I lost confidence in myself. My self esteem was shattered. I went to xsculpt to see what could be done.

Dr. Adajar set up a plan that included same day out patient surgery. They were extremely careful about covid -19 safety and checking for any other underlining medical conditions. He surgically removed the glands, fat, and tissue that had built up. I went home the same day.

I was sore for about three weeks. I was given pain medications, but I only needed them for a day or two. The pain was like the soreness after a really good workout. It was very tolerable. Dr. Adajar has followed up with me many times since the procedure. In fact, he is still having me in for follow up visits monitoring my progress.

The work was remarkable! My chest is back to normal. I feel great and have no problem taking my shirt off at the pool, gym, or beach. My shirts fit normal again with out my breast bulging out. I am very glad that I had the procedure done. I highly recommend it to anyone who develops this condition and wants to do something about it.

The office staff is above outstanding. The front desk staff is great. Anabel is Dr. Adajar’s personal nurse. She was available to me at all times to answer any questions and to resolve any problems that came up.

If you are looking for a great upscale body sculpting office Xsculpt is the one. Dr. Adajar is the man! Thanks Xsculpt.

Xsculpt, “My self esteem was shattered…”
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