* Smoother Skin & Body Shaping

As you age, cellulite, winkles, weight gain, and sagging skin are inevitable for most. Research has shown that as you age your body produces fewer amounts of collagen and stores more fat. Being overweight can be quite unhealthy especially during the aging process and this can be life threatening especially when it comes to issues related to heart diseases.

The Venus Legacy not only helps give you smoother skin but also shapes your body so that you can better maintain your shape.



* Venus Legacy is non-invasive and helps smooth skin and tighten it. It reduces fat and also improves circulation which contributes to a natural and radiant skin.

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How does the
Treatment work?

* This is an advanced treatment that uses patented technology. It produces heat through a combination of electromagnetic pulse induced fields and multi polarized radio frequencies. Through thermal reaction to the tissues, your skin is able to respond to the healing process.

The goal of the Venus Legacy treatment is to increase elastin fibers and collagen which contribute to a smoother and tighter skin, and also breaks down fat cells.

* Helps with
signs of

* The Venus Legacy™ can help reduce wrinkles, tighten loose skin, and reduce fat deposits in unwanted areas of the body.

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Results will vary from person to person. For a better idea of what you can achieve, please come into the office for a consultation.