They have great prices and service is top notch. No hidden fees or anything.

I had always been self conscious about my chest. I tried dieting and exercising and nothing ever worked. I finally made an appointment for a consultation with Dr Adajar at Xsculpt. At my consultation Dr. Adajar checked out my chest and diagnosed me with Grade 2 gynecomastia. He took his time and explained everything. The process of removing my glands and excess fat from my chest and my recovery process from beginning to end. Anabel is awesome , she coordinated my surgery date right then and there and worked with my schedule. She does a great job and makes this part of the process so easy. Dr Adajar is a true professional at his craft. He takes his time and wants to get his patients the best results possible. My surgery came out amazing, straightforward procedure , fast overall recovery and minimal to no pain at all. My scars are unnoticeable, he does a great job at hiding his incisions. This is the best decision I have made! They have great prices and service is top notch. No hidden fees or anything. The whole team is amazing! I am 6 months post op and so happy and confident again. My clothes fit great and I feel great physically and mentally. Anyone considering this procedure should get it done , it is a great investment in yourself!

I would highly recommend Xsculpt to anyone looking for this type of procedure.

Dr Marc Adajar is the definition of a true professional of his craft. Throughout the entire process, him and his team were very friendly and knowledgeable. They kept me informed every step of the way. They also made efforts to check on my well-being to make sure I was ok during the healing phase. The results are great and the process was very friendly. I would highly recommend Xsculpt to anyone looking for this type of procedure.

10 stars if I am allowed to rate him but that’s not the basis.

I had surgery with Dr Marc Adajar and I can’t expressed how great he is and his team. It’s not easy to undergo a major change . But he makes you feel good with his honesty and professionalism . He listens and explains very well what to expect, cost and results. I highly recommend him for your future decisions . 10 stars if I am allowed to rate him but that’s not the basis. The truth is , he is a very caring , down to earth doctor who is very sensitive and skilled to look after your well being . Thanks to his team too. They are all great in their respective roles .
stars July 25, 2021
Xsculpt was fantastic!
I had a consultation with Dr. Adajar and felt very comfortable with having him as my surgeon. I had a body lift, lipo of inner thighs/arms/lower back and pubic area, and breast gland excisions. Surgery was 6/10/21. I don't really remember the first few days after surgery due to heavy pain meds and the anesthesia still wearing off. I didn't bleed nearly as much as I thought I would. The drains weren't too bad except it was a little painful getting the drain on the right side out. A week later Dr. Adajar removed the bandage that was covering the surgery site on my lower stomach. Sadly there was necrosis of the skin and a hole was left behind underneath the eschar. Dr. Adajar removed the eschar, revealing the hole and a little tunneling. He bandaged it up and I seen him a few days later to check on it. Through this time I was given antibiotics and started the course. when I went back to him he showed me how to properly clean and dress the wound. He seen me typically twice a week to keep a close eye on everything. He had his work cut out for him as I was a difficult case due to having so much excess skin hence the body lift instead of just a tummy tuck. Surgery was over 7 hours and 14 lbs were removed in total. At this point my wound is almost healed and I'm feeling better and better. With this type of surgery and this much excess skin the potential for that type of wound goes up, choosing Xsculpt was the best decision I could have made. It was really reassuring seeing how much they cared and wanted to help. They didn't say hey thanks for the money see ya. They stuck by me, answered every question I had and in a really quick manner (usually within a few hours) and had me coming into the office every few days to be checked on. Im already loving what I'm seeing so far and the swelling is only going to keep going down. I'm excited to see what the final results will be. Also, Dr. Adajars' patient coordinator/assistant Anabel was unbelievably caring and helpful through the whole process. The whole atmosphere at Xsculpt lets you know that you made the right decision in choosing them as your team to help get you through the process/surgery. I couldn't be happier at this point. Thank you Dr. Adajar, Anabel and the whole team at Xsculpt!
stars July 23, 2021
Doctor Adajar is the Go to Guy for Gynecomastia Surgery
Absolutely incredible and honestly life changing results from doctor adajar. He really knows his stuff. Expectations were met and exceeded. Would highly recommend seeking him out if you are suffering from gynocomastia. a big thing I really appreciated was how up front and honest they were about the pricing. No hidden costs. I’d highly recommend finding a specialist for this kind of thing, as results can turn out very badly if the person doing the surgery is not an absolute expert, and there’s probably few places out there who can match what xsculpt does. The whole team was great. I don’t have a single complaint. Would give more stars if could. 
stars July 12, 2021

100% Worth It!

This was my first plastic surgery experience ever. It was to remove the burden that had plagued me since puberty. I was going to shop around the Chicago area for the best surgeon, but after my first meeting with Dr. Adajar, I immediately decided that I wanted him as my surgeon. As others have mentioned, he is really kind, skilled, and responsive which is definitely what you are looking for during a stressful event like surgery. From beginning to end I had a positive experience with Dr. Adajar, and his team (Anabel) who made the whole process as stress free as possible. Anytime I had a question or concern, Dr. Adajar or Anabel were a text or phone call away. As far as the results, I am 7 months post-op and I could not be happier with the job he did. 100% of the glands are gone and I am extremely grateful. I cannot recommend Dr. Adajar enough to be your plastic surgeon!!!
Updated on 12 Jul 2021:
Anabel was the Patient Coordinator for Dr. Adajar for the duration of my gynecomastia surgery experience at XSculpt. While I have already left a review explaining why I cannot recommend Dr. Adajar enough, I want to highlight that Anabel was a major reason why I had such a positive experience at XSculpt. Like Dr. Adajar, Anabel was very responsive to my texts or emails which was great because someone needs to deal with the small logistics of a surgical procedure and Anabel made everything smooth and seamless. Any question I had regarding payment, prescription questions, or scheduling was answered promptly and satisfactorily by Anabel. Again, Anabel makes it really easy to recommend Dr. Adajar for gynecomastia surgery. Thanks Anabel!!!

stars May 3, 2021

Dr Adajar Changed my Life
Living with pubertal gyno since age 12 was rough. I mean horrible. Beach vacations, pools, etc - I refused to take off my shirt, no matter how lean I was. Even as a natural body builder with sub-4% body fat on competition day, I could never escape puffy nipples. I started researching solutions, after years of assuming gyno correction surgery was going to be extremely expensive and something I would not be able to afford. After some research, I came across Dr Adajar. Living in St Louis, all of our meetings were virtual. Not only was I comfortable with his background, personality, and procedures, I was shocked to learn how affordable the surgery would be. From start to finish, Dr Adajar and his staff were amazing. This was my first surgery, and I never felt apprehensive or unsure. I trusted the process from start to finish, and Dr Adajar was only a text or facetime call away when I needed something or had questions or concerns. Don't continue living life insecurely. Consult with Dr Adajar and get ready to change your life! New found confidence is absolutely priceless
stars April 21, 2020

I had the best experience from start to finish. Dr. Adajar has been the most patient, kind, and caring doctor I’ve ever worked with. He made me feel at ease about the situation I had been dealing with for the past 10 years of Gynecomastia. After the surgery, he kept in touch with me everyday via text and was always available to see me for follow ups. Needless to say, it was by far the best decision of my life and I can’t put into words how positive of an experience the entire team at Xsculpt made it for me. Can’t thank you guys enough.Show less


stars February 10, 2020

The BEST thing I ever did for myself! I am so fortunate I found Dr. Batista. Having properly balanced hormones is the only way to live happily. Dr. Batista uses an integrative approach to provide the personalized care I needed for symptom relief and greater over all well being. Stop suffering and start living by making an appointment. Thank you Dr. Batista and her team!

Jamie Smith

stars January 3, 2020

My experience with X-sculpt has been nothing short of amazing! I had previously enquired about my procedure with a different surgery and their response can be best described as “disinterested” at best. What a contrast with XSculpt!! Dr. T and his team were professional and took the time to answer my many questions patiently. The facilities are modern, clean and centrally located. The aftercare has been phenomenal and although I am only a month post-surgery, I am already very pleased with the results. Highly recommended!!!!!

PJ Thomas

stars August 15, 2019

Dr Mark was fantastic from my consultation all the way through my surgery and through the recovery process. He was always accessible via phone and answered any questions I had. He is really motivated to help his patients and it shows through his work. Couldn’t be more pleased with him as a Dr or the results.


stars July 9, 2019

Today I hit my 3-month post-surgery date and I am happier than ever! I feel almost 100% like myself. On occasion, there is still some minor lower back ache and I can still feel my abdomen a little hard from the scar tissue but I am thoroughly prepared to expect minor irregularities until 6 months – 1 full year. I look great and the compliments just keep coming. I started working out after 2 weeks, and by 1 month I had very little to no restrictions. I just can’t rave enough about Dr. Truong and his wonderful staff.


stars July 9, 2019

I did a LOT of research to find the perfect surgeon who could deliver natural, yet superior results. I wanted a BBL that didn’t look like I had an obvious surgery done, but that would improve my figure and give me that beautiful hourglass shape along with lifting and filling out my sagging behind. I knew from my first consultation with Dr.Truong & by the looks of his portfolio, that he would be the one to do my surgery! I brought along photos of what I personally wanted to achieve and he told me exactly what he would need to do to achieve those results. I gladly traveled from out of state to have my BBL surgery by Dr. Truong and it was the best decision I’ve ever made!! Everyone at his office and the morning of my surgery were so nice and accommodating. I can not recommend him enough and I think my before and after photos speak volumes! He clearly is highly skilled in lipo sculpting and fat transfer! If you have been thinking about this procedure and are on the fence, you just need to do it! You will be in great hands with Dr. Truong & his staff. Your confidence will undoubtably be boosted after this procedure; Mine sure was, and I’m absolutely thrilled with my results!


stars September 19, 2020

These guys are some beautiful people They talk with you not talk at you. They would discuss it to you options tell you things that would help you. They all are very professional and polite Always a pleasure to come here

Antonioys Gibson

stars September 16, 2020

My experience with Dr Adajar and Dr Truong has been terrific. They have both been great about wanting to get the best possible results for me while making sure that I had realistic expectations. The surgery took care of my biggest trouble spot, my lower abdomen, without leaving any loose skin (which I was a bit concerned about) and barely a noticeable scar. Dr Adajar was great about following up frequently after surgery to make sure everything was ok and to see if I had any questions. I’m 2 months post surgery and have returned to all my previous activities. I would definitely recommend.

Kathleen K. - RealSelf

stars September 16, 2020

I had Lipo 360, Gynecomastia, Double Chin Lipo performed in May of 2020. I was in good shape but always had areas of fat that I was very self-conscious about. Being a male in my mid 30s, and never having surgery of any kind before, I was nervous to say the least. All of the staff were welcoming and fantastic. They put me instantly at ease. I’m only three months out from my procedures and my results have exceeded any and all expectations I had! Moobs-gone! Hang-over belly-gone! Double chin-gone! I was also able to work with Dr. Adajar to optimize my diet and supplements. His guidance has truly made a significant difference in my healing and recovery! Thanks to Dr. Troung’s and Dr. Adajar’s amazing expertise I am feeling confident with myself and wish I would have done this years ago!
dmwn - RealSelf