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Gynecomastia Gone in 45 Minutes with ChestSculpt®* at XSCULPT

"My gynecomastia surgery was fast, painless, and I am already back in the gym less than one month later. An annoying problem that I dealt with for 25 years was solved in a matter of hours."

Millions of men suffer from gynecomastia, also known as “man boobs.” Gynecomastia is the presence of excessive breast tissue development in men. It is widespread among men of all age groups, and this excess breast tissue can be caused by various conditions.

ChestSculpt® is a simple 45-minute, minimally invasive surgical procedure for gynecomastia. Our Chicago gynecomastia experts utilize the latest medical techniques and methods, so you'll be back to work and the gym in less time.

You don't have to live with hiding your man boobs. Meet with one of the best gynecomastia surgeons in Chicago, Illinois for a consultation today. Virtual consultations are available.


Gynecomastia is derived from the Greek words "gyneco" meaning feminine and "mastia" that means breasts. Literally, the term “male breast” is relative to a condition that results in excessive growth and enlargement of breast tissue in men.

Men who have this condition complain of having feminine-looking breasts. This condition may also be referred to as “man-boobs”, “moobs”, or “gyno” for short.

The male breast consists of both glandular tissue and fatty tissue. The excessive growth of glandular tissue results in overgrown breasts in males that may be very embarrassing for men.

Gynecomastia is a prevalent condition, affecting up to 6 out of 10 men! If you think you have “Man-boobs,” you are certainly not alone. Luckily, there's a simple solution – a simple 45 minute surgical procedure ChestSculpt® exclusively available at XSculpt™.

Our highly rated, board-certified gynecomastia surgeons specialize in gynecomastia removal, fat transfer and have performed many successful surgeries in Chicago with an impeccable safety record with outstanding results.

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gynecomastia before and after photos

Gynecomastia in men is not a serious condition, however it can be difficult to deal with especially if it is also accompanied by pain. The major symptom of gynecomastia is swelling of the male breast tissue. This swelling is the proliferation of the breast gland tissue rather than the fat tissue itself. The breast gland often has a firm or rubbery texture.

What is CHESTSCULPT® FOR Gynecomastia?

ChestSculpt® was exclusively designed to treat gynecomastia effectively. This male breast reduction procedure reduces breast size, addresses excess skin, and quickly restores the masculine appearance our gynecomastia patients desire.

Unlike traditional male breast reduction surgery, which uses only liposuction or excision, our gynecomastia surgeons are experts in male plastic surgery and utilize the latest techniques and medical technology to achieve the best male breast reduction results.

  • A tumescent infusion is used to anesthetize and “wet” the fat and glandular tissues, this approach helps minimize any bleeding.
  • This is followed by power-assisted liposuction using a MicroAire Liposculptor™ to safely and efficiently remove fat and sculpt the area around the gland.
  • Finally, the gland is carefully excised and REMOVED COMPLETELY through a key-hole incision at the border of the nipple.

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" I can wear any shirts without worrying about my chest."

how to hide man-boobs

Actual Patient 3 Months following TotalSculpt Surgery.

“My mom bought this compression shirt for me because I used to workout almost everyday. I loved the shirt however, my chest area looked puffy and pointy no matter how lean I got from the right diet and exercise so I never really liked to wear it. Thanks to X-Sculpt I couldn’t be happier with my results, now I can wear any shirts without worrying about my chest. Dr Adajar, Anabel and whole X-Sculpt team are very caring, friendly and I’d highly recommend it to anyone who’s going through the same struggle” 



There could be many reasons males can develop gynecomastia (enlarged male breasts). Common causes can be attributed to:

While it is rare, male breast cancer can also cause gynecomastia. A qualified physician would be able to determine if this is the case prior to getting treated. Often times there is no clear medical cause.

Gynecomastia grades - How to know if you have gynecomastia

What are the best treatments for gynecomastia?

Treatment for gynecomastia depends on the cause!  The first step is to see a physician who is experienced in the causes and treatment for gynecomastia.  At XSculpt™, you would start by consulting with one of our experts who will perform a history and physical exam as well as some bloodwork to rule out any medical causes for gynecomastia.  If your hormone levels are abnormal or need adjusting, we have the ability to do that!  If your issue is pseudo-gynecomastia associated with obesity, the first recommendation would be to optimize your diet and exercise to decrease the amount of body fat.

Most cases of gynecomastia are considered “idiopathic” which means there is no definite distinct cause.  Even men who are very physically fit can suffer from this problem.  Once medical causes are ruled out and addressed, your physician will present to you your treatment options which may include hormone optimization, non-invasive therapy, or minimally invasive surgery.

If recommended, ChestSculpt™ is a minimally invasive laser surgery designed to treat idiopathic gynecomastia and pseudo-gynecomastia using tiny incisions with minimal downtime!

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Gynecomastia is derived from the Greek words gynec meaning feminine and mastos that means breasts. Literally, the term “male breast” is relative to a condition that results in excessive growth and enlargement of breast tissue in men.

The male breast consists of both glandular tissue which is composed of ductal and stromal elements, as well as adipocytes or “fatty tissue”. The excessive growth of glandular tissue results in overgrown breasts in males that are unsightly and embarrassing for men. Patients with severe gynecomastia may have excess skin leading to considerable ptosis (or sagging) of the breast.

Before and after photos of tummy tuck and gynecomastia surgery.

What is gynecomastia?

Our complete guide to gynecomastia causes, gyno types, and treatments.

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Will gynecomastia go away without surgery?"

If surgery is out of the question, then you may consider some non-invasive options to treat the chest area such as SculpSure® which is a non-invasive fat reduction procedure using a specialized laser.  SculpSure results are comparable to CoolSculpting® but with shorter treatment time, less discomfort, and no risk of paradoxical adipose hyperplasia.  The laser destroys the fat cells, which are subsequently eliminated gradually by the body’s lymphatic system.  The results are not as dramatic as surgical liposculpting or ChestSculpt but the benefit is that there is no down-time.  You may have to do the treatment more than once.  SculpSure is best for cases of pseudo-gynecomastia in which the problem is mainly excess fat.

However, if you you have true gynecomastia with enlarged glands, no non-invasive device can destroy glandular tissue.  The best option at that point is the ChestSculpt™ procedure.  ChestSculpt™ is actually considered to be a “minimally-invasive”  procedure since the incisions are tiny and the downtime is minimal as you can return to work in as little as 1-2 days.*

Can I hide man boobs without surgery?

How long does gynecomastia surgery take?

*Gynecomastia surgery takes about 45 minutes up to 2 hours to perform. This can vary depending how much fat and breast tissue has to be removed. The procedure is done as an outpatient, so you will be able to return home shortly after.

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will gynecomastia surgery leave bad scars?

*When done correctly, your chest will look like you have been exercising and will appear natural. The special post-procedure garments worn temporarily after surgery can be hidden under your normal clothes.

*The technique used at XSculpt uses tiny incisions that are hidden and will be barely noticeable when healing is complete.   You will be able to take your shirt off in public without having to worry about scars showing!

*Although cosmetic surgery in men has been steadily increasing, male breast reduction surgery can still make some men feel self-conscious. The surgeons of XSculpt will work closely with you to achieve your desired goals while keeping your visit to us strictly confidential.

Almost all cosmetic procedures are associated with some scarring, including after gynecomastia surgery. Except in the cases where complete mastectomy and nipple graft are required, the majority of male breast reductions use very small incisions at the border of the nipple and near the armpit which usually fade to being almost unnoticeable with time.

*After several weeks, the majority of people barely can see them.

Sometimes liposuction is all that is needed to treat gynecomastia. In these cases the incisions are practically invisible.

Tummy tuck before and after with gynecomastia surgery.

is gynecomastia surgery painful?

While every patient’s pain tolerance is different, the techniques used in the ChestSculpt procedure aim at reducing post-operative pain.   We focus on avoiding contact with the rib cage, gentle and precise technique, and strict avoidance of bleeding.

Male Puffy Nipple syndrome

how long does it take to recover from gynecomastia surgery?

After your surgery, you will likely have some swelling, discomfort, and/or pain around your incision site. These symptoms should resolve after a couple of days.

A compression garment will have to be worn for 1 to 2 weeks following the procedure to prevent movement of the skin which may affect how the area heals as well as to keep a consistent pressure on the healing tissue.

We would recommend you take at least 1 week off of work for recovery. After the first week you can do light activities and return to work, but this can be different for each patient. The post-procedure period is critical for a good cosmetic result so adequate time off should be taken to ensure this as well as following your surgeon’s post surgical instructions.

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When will i see my final results?

*You will likely see results immediately after your gynecomastia surgery. Swelling and bruising is common in the beginning, but usually goes away after a couple of weeks.

*As the healing process continues, you will see a flatter, more defined chest. The healing process does take time and the final result will likely be most appreciated 2 to 3 months after surgery.

*Combined with a program of a healthy diet with exercise, many patients may continue to see positive results 6 to 12 months after surgery!


are results permanent?

*You can expect for your results following the procedure to last for many years. If you maintain a healthy weight and exercise program, the results shouldn’t change.

95% of the breast tissue is removed and only a tiny portion is left to support the nipple to prevent it from denting. With age or weight gain, some body changes that naturally occur such as loose skin or loss of lean muscle mass can occur. However, your chest should always look better than before the procedure.


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what excercises can i do to reduce gynecomastia?

Depending on the cause of your gynecomastia, some exercises might help.  If you have “pseudo-gynecomastia” composed of essentially fat, then diet, exercise, and weight loss can help reduce the appearance of man boobs.  Some men find it helpful to do chest exercises to enlarge the pectoral muscles to hide the gynecomastia.  If you have significant true gynecomastia with enlarged glands, then enlarging the pectoral muscles may actually accentuate the problem, making it appear worse.  In these cases, it’s best to have the problem taken care of definitively with ChestSculpt and gland removal.  Afterwards, you will be encouraged to resume chest exercises to enhance your result and work toward that chiseled masculine chest!

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How much does gynecomastia cost in Chicago, Illinois?

The average cost for gynecomastia (male breast reduction) surgery in Chicago will average starting at $6,000 for mild cases up to $10,000 or more for more severe gynecomastia cases.

Be sure to check our Specials page for current offers. We offer several financing options for patients who desire a deferred payment plan. Learn more about financing.


More on what goes into the cost of your gynecomastia procedure.

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Can I hide man boobs without surgery?

How do I get started?

  1. Call us directly to schedule 833-XSCULPT
  2. Complete a Contact Form on located on this page and someone will reach out to you with a phone call and email within 1-2 days to schedule your appointment
  3. Complete an Online Virtual Consultation by creating a profile through our patient portal and send at least 3 photos of the front and side view of your area of concern.

Gynecomastia Before & After Gallery

See our extensive before and after gallery of male breast reduction patients by top gynecomastia surgeons.

Gynecomastia "Man Boobs" is no laughing matter

Millions of men suffer from enlarged breast glands or “man boobs” which can affect their health, body image, and self-esteem. Unfortunately, many men have been body-shamed for having male breasts. Few men realize that gynecomastia is not necessarily a fat problem, nor is it necessarily a “normal”. Even fewer men realize that it should be EVALUATED and TREATED by a physician.

Co-founder and gynecomastia surgeon Dr. Marc Adajar suffered from this condition until he finally found a solution. This is what inspired him to help other men like himself and open XSCULPT™ dedicated to treating men with gynecomastia.

Our board certified gynecomastia surgeons are experts at eliminating gynecomastia and providing the latest medical therapies including testosterone replacement and peptide therapy for the best results.

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Contact the top gynecomastia surgeons in Chicago, Illinois and the U.S. for your complimentary consultation and body analysis and begin your transformation today!

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