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Patients from all over the country choose XSculpt for their cosmetic surgery needs for many reasons. Physicians from XSculpt are some of the top surgeons in the country and are experts in body sculpting, anti-aging and performance optimization medical treatments.

Our patients are almost exclusively men.

Bruce Lee once said “I don’t fear the man who practices a thousand different kicks.  I fear the man who practices one kick a thousand times.”

XSculpt follow this same philosophy. XSculpt focus almost exclusively on body contouring and cosmetic surgery procedures specifically designed for the male physique.

Our most popular and most requested male procedures include:

When it comes to cosmetic or plastic surgery, we understand the reasons men seek cosmetic surgery are very different than women. This is why we’ve earned the reputation for being the best-rated Chicago cosmetic surgery practice for men.

Our doctors have unique experience and expertise.

In addition to body sculpting for men, XSculpt doctors can provide unique medical and anti-aging services to help further enhance their surgical results, something that many doctors and plastic surgeons do not provide.

Dr. Marc Adajar is one of the top gynecomastia surgeons. He is also certified in Testosterone Replacement TherapyPeptide TherapyMedical Weight Loss and Performance Enhancement treatments through the Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine.  These advanced medical treatments are often used before and after surgical procedures to help speed up the healing process and allow incisions to heal nicer. So not only will you be back to work sooner than you think, you’ll look and feel better than ever!

Don’t believe us? See what our patients are saying on google.

XSculpt provide treatments & services to take your surgical results to the next level.

Our relentless quest to provide our patients with the best results includes making sure we have the most modern treatments available today. XSculpt only recommend methods that are backed by strong research and are known to give our patients results including:

  • Muscle building technology that will build muscle tone and definition without working a sweat or surgery by EMSCULPT
  • Glycyrrhetinic acid fat loss cream is a topical cream that can be applied to non-treated areas around the surgical site helps enhance muscle definition
  • A copper-based peptide can be injected into an incision so it’s barely visible, even on a close look

These are just a few of the unique treatments available to our patients, helping maximize and maintain their surgical results!

Everything we do is focused on how we can help our patients reach their goals. Our mission is to give our patients a high-quality experience and the best possible result that they can be proud of.

If you’re interested in learning more about what XSculpt can do for you, please contact XSculpt for a FREE consultation!

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