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Dr. Marc Adjar - Chicago, IL

XSculpt is my way of sharing with others what I feel I was able to accomplish for myself. Go XSculpt!

- Dr. Marc Adjar, Co-Founder of XSculpt Tranformation

*Our team at Xsculpt understands that losing the weight is not the hardest battle it is keeping the weight off!! Most people who have struggled with weight most of there life are familiar with the YO-YO effect. You lose the weight & feel great so you end up going back to “oo I can just have 1 piece of pizza” or “I can have just a few cookies” Which yes that is fine! If you have the self control it takes not to make that a trend but many people who face weight issues know that stopping at 1or 2 just is not the case. You end up having a bad night of eating and then the next day turns into another and so on. So you end up Yo-Yoing back up to your old weight again.. you start feeling down about yourself and are back where you started. WE ARE PUTTING AN END TO THAT!

*Our Team at Xsculpt is going to make sure that once you have used our training  and nutrition programs you will have learned how to not let those old habits re-introduce themselves into your life again! We also teach you how to get that self-control of just having one cookie and not letting your emotions play into how you eat. We show you the positive way of eating and how the right foods will help you manage to keep that weight off the rest of your life! We help clients with behavior change techniques, such as how to not make irrational food choices, help your brain encourage you to make healthy choices instead of discouraging you, as well as getting many of the addicting foods out of your life so you will never feel that you NEED a certain food.

*Our clients will be proud to step on the scale! I do not believe that avoiding the scale will help. Our clients will check themselves daily to help them stay on track and get their brain to recognize that this is a priority. We will also be keeping track of the clients BMI & Full body measurements, having them check in every 2 weeks to make sure they are still staying on track. Clients doing our weight loss management will have all the tools from our Nutrition & Personal Training Sectors so they will be able to reference exactly what they should be doing, as well as full contact with our coaches staying updated weekly on how the progress is going. We are motivating our clients to keep making the right choices as well as discussing any further guidance they need help with to maintain their NEW body that they have worked so hard to get! We are getting rid of the YO-YO effect and going to have our clients learn the knowledge, mindset, and goals to push them to maintain optimum weight loss. We are a TEAM & together we will keep the weight off and help you live a much healthier life!

-Johnny James, Head XSculpt Trainer


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