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Shy Doctor From Chicago Transforms His Body From "Dough Boy" To "Fight Club" And Now Devotes His Life To Helping Others Do The Same

Testosterone Replacement Therapy Chicago IL

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Dr. Marc Adajar (in the image above and co-founder of XSculpt) was always known as the “fat kid“ when growing up.

Because of his weight, he was shy during childhood and found it difficult to make friends due to his insecurity.

Throughout his younger years, Dr. Adajar had tried (and failed) just about every diet that’s out there in hopes of getting skinny.

As a result, his weight would fluctuate down and up (but mostly up) to 30 pounds every couple of months.

He was classified as morbidly obese, was prediabetic, blood pressure problems arose, high cholesterol, breathless with a walk of one flight of stairs, and constantly fatigued.

Then in December of 2015, a close friend of Dr. Adajar‘s suddenly passed away of a heart condition.

The sadness surrounding this event coupled with the realization that he had to live not only for himself, but also for his two young sons and wife, Dr. Adajar decided to make a permanent change.

He educated himself extensively on proper nutrition and exercise by reading all the leading textbooks and medical journals on how to eat right and exercise correctly.

He revisited the early days of medical school that focused on the foundation of nutrition, muscle growth, and fat loss.

During his research, Dr. Adajar discovered the importance of hormone balancing and how hormone optimization benefits people in so many ways while imbalances can cause disease and early death.

He applied all of these principles to his life and as a result now is now healthier and happier than he has ever been.

It was this experience that led him to want to help the so many other people that are in a similar situation that Dr. Adajar had growing up.

Alongside with his former chief resident and long time friend, cosmetic surgeon Dr. Anh-Tuan Truong, XSculpt was born with a mission to help provide people with services to live a healthy and happy life.

Dr. Adajar is giving free consultations to anyone who wants help to reach their goals!

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XSculpt TRT was developed to help men and women combat the problems that come with low testosterone as a result of age, intense training, or chronic diseases. Through testosterone replacement therapy, we can help men and women lose weight, gain lean muscle mass, feel energized, improve sexual health, enhance mental functioning, and prevent some life threatening diseases. (peer reviewed medical study)

*Look Great!

Weight loss: In one study, over the course of five years, obese men on testosterone replacement therapy lost an average of 35 pounds each. Their body mass index also dropped from 34 to 29, moving them from the obese to overweight category. This coincided with improved cholesterol and triglyceride levels, as well as lower blood pressure.

In a similar study, it was found that significant muscle and strength gains occurred when combined with a resistance training program

*Feel Great!

Optimized hormones significantly reduce the risk of serious health problems and certain diseases, such as osteoporosis (TRT can build up to 8.3% of bone density per year!), Alzheimer’s disease, heart disease, and diabetes. Lower cholesterol and triglyceride levels as well as an improvement in blood pressure have also been demonstrated.

Sexual difficulties are very closely linked by recent studies to low testosterone levels. TRT not only increases a man’s libido (sexual drive) but his ability to maintain an erection as well. Orgasms has been reported to be more intense on TRT.

TRT can dramatically affect a man's quality of life. Besides its sexual benefits, TRT can improve a man's mood and energy level while reducing irritability and anger.

Testosterone may also play a role in how long men live. Recent studies show a link between low T levels and shorter life expectancy.

The XSculpt TRT Program

  1. Lab Test & Full Panel Analysis
    Get your blood drawn. This can be done in our office or an outside office or lab. If you do this from an outside lab, please send to our office. Once we receive the blood test, a physician will provide a full analysis and will be emailed to you within 7-10 business days.
  2. Schedule A Consultation
    Discuss your health goals and personalized treatment plan. A pellet insertion (done by a trained surgeon) may be done same day if needed.
  3. Follow Up & Maintenance
    You may schedule a follow-up appointment in 4-5 months to review treatment and your physician will optimize if needed.

The Results!

*ME: I was successfully 4 months into my weight loss (”cutting”) phase and had lost 20 pounds when I noticed I was always tired, was unmotivated overall, had difficulty focusing at work, and I had little sexual desire. My weight loss had plateaued no matter what I did. Furthermore, my progress in the gym had stopped. My strength stalled on the major compound lifts. I had difficulty focusing during workouts. My muscle mass appeared to stay the same. After 8 months of trying to figure out what was wrong,I got my T levels checked and they were way below the normal range for a 44 year-old male! I started TRT and got my T back up to an optimal level. After 2 weeks, my energy levels increased, motivation returned, and experienced an ability for intense focus and concentration. My libido skyrocketed. My weight loss started again and rapidly progressed. I was able to maintain and even gain a little strength despite my caloric deficit. Along with a good diet and a solid strength training program, I was able to get to 12 percent body fat while gaining strength with no loss in lean mass! As a physician with first-hand experience with TRT I decided to join the XSculpt team to help those interested in living a healthy lifestyle and regain the hormonal benefits that we once had in our younger years.

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Results will vary from person to person. For a better idea of what you can achieve, please come into the office for a consultation.