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TotalSculpt™ Transforms Your Body You Always Wanted

"Finally I am able to take my shirt off with confidence!"

TotalSculpt™  by XSCULPT is the ultimate total body makeover tailored to the male physique. TotalSculpt may also be referred to as a “Daddy-Do-Over“.

TotalSculpt™ is a combination of minimally invasive body contouring procedures done together to improve the entire upper body shape.

TotalSculpt™ is designed to sculpt the chest and torso by removing fat from the upper & lower abdomen, flanks and back area. Additionally, the procedure includes ChestSculpt™ which treats and removes gynecomastia.

What is TotalSculpt™ Surgery For Men?

Testosterone Replacement Therapy - TotalSculpt

TotalSculpt™ is an advanced body sculpting procedure that involves using VASERLipo technology and power-assisted liposuction to remove unwanted fat from problem areas of the torso and chest plus removing the breast glands seen in gynecomastia.

It’s a combination of our most popular and requested procedures: ChestSculpt and Lipo360.  By combining the 2 procedures, you’ll receive a whole body transformation, shortened recovery time than doing each separately, and a cost savings!

TotalSculpt is ideal for men who are at or near their ideal body weight. The procedure can help enhance your natural muscle contours giving you the appearance of a slimmer and toned body.


Am I a good candidate for male plastic surgery?

The perfect candidate for our TotalSculpt™ procedure is someone who has a low to normal BMI (Body Mass Index) and are close to their ideal weight but cannot get rid of stubborn fat in the lower abdomen (stomach area), waist, and mid-back areas, preventing them from achieving a slim body contour and defined physique.

Liposuction procedures are not designed for obese or high-BMI patients nor those who have significant loose skin seen after weight-loss. Those patients may be better suited for an excision procedure like an abdominoplasty


What areas are treated with TotalSculpt?

*The areas that are treated with TotalSculpt™ are the entire torso which includes the chest, upper and lower abdomen, flanks or sides, and the lower and mid back areas including the “love handles” and “spare tire” area. Other areas can be added to TotalSculpt™ like thighs and arms.


How is the procedure performed?

TotalSculpt is a surgical procedure done under anesthesia for your comfort and involves the following:

  1. Your surgeon will perform liposuction of the chest, abdomen (stomach), flank, and trunk areas followed by gynecomastia removal.
  2. Small 2-3 mm incisions are used to inject tumescent fluid which contain medicine to numb the area.
  3. VASERLipo is then done which liquefies the fat, minimizes bleeding, tightens skin, enhances the muscular borders, and allows for a more natural looking result.
  4. Finally, power-assisted liposuction is done to remove the excess fat and contour the treated areas.

There is some temporary drainage, bruising, and swelling following the procedure, but most patients are back to work in 3-5 days.  For specific details of each, visit our ChestSculpt and Lipo360 pages.

This patient underwent AbSculpt. Dr. Truong used a special laser to “sculpt” the fat around the abdominal muscles.  The inter-muscular grooves are accentuated using a hi-def liposculpting technique specifically designed to enhance muscle contours.  After swelling subsides in a few weeks, you can expect better-defined abdominal musculature and definition.


What is the difference between liposuction and VASER Lipo?

  1. Traditional liposuction, known as Tumescent liposuction involves injecting the treated area with a wetting saline solution that contains lidocaine for numbing and epinephrine to constrict blood vessels which minimizes bleeding.  The treated fatty area is then suctioned using special cannulas to remove the fat.
  2. Power-assisted liposuction (PAL) is the same as traditional liposuction, but the suctioning process is assisted with a motorized tool which oscillates at a high speed to break up fat and make the process more efficient.
  3.  VASER Lipo is a technique used in conjunction with power-assisted liposuction.  Before removal of the fat is done, the fat is broken up and melted using high-frequency sonic waves.  Pre-treating the fat in this way results in less bruising, a faster recovery, less pain, skin tightening, and a more natural-looking final result.


How long will it take to recover?

Recovery may vary from patient to patient. A mild to moderate amount of discomfort can be expected with swelling and sensitivity in the treated area. Most of your discomfort should dissipate within two weeks.

Your doctor may prescribe pain medication and/or provide a compression garment to ease your discomfort as well as accelerate the healing process.  Make sure to follow your doctor’s instructions to maximize your results.


Will I have scars from surgery?

Some amount of scarring will always occur with any procedure that involves skin incisions.  The technique used in TotalSculpt™ ensures that the incisions are minimal in size and usually fade in time. All the incisions are placed in areas where they are easily hidden by shorts and underwear.  In the chest the incisions are placed in the armpit and along the nipple border to hide them from view.  There may be some mild discoloration at the site where the surgery occurred which resolves once the healing process is complete.


Will my liposuction results last?

One of the benefits of power-assisted liposuction is that fat cells cannot regenerate. Unlike traditional weight loss where fat cells are simply “shrunken”, TotalSculpt™completely reduces your capacity to store fat in the treated area.  The breast glands of gynecomastia are completely excised, so recurrence is rare.


When will I see my results?

The time it will take to see the results will depend upon several factors such as the type of procedure you undergo, the size of the treatment area, and your own individual ability to recover after the surgery. It can take several weeks to half a year before your final result is appreciated as the swelling in the treatment area subsides. The final result will depend upon your physical condition before the procedure and how consistent you are with maintaining a healthy lifestyle afterwards.  If you maintain a healthy diet and regular exercise regimen, the results from your TotalSculpt™ will last!


What is the cost for TotalSculpt?

*The price for all the procedures at XSculpt are very competitive compared to other centers providing the same services, however not all of these centers have board-certified cosmetic surgeons who are dedicated to providing you the best results with your safety as a priority. Make sure you do your homework on your surgeon before any cosmetic procedure is performed on you.

XSculpt are routinely having specials on AbSculpt! Check our SPECIALS page to see if one is going on right now!

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