"Vaser liposuction really took my results to the next level!"

The VASERlipo® is an advanced liposuction technology that uses patented ultrasonic energy to disrupt and contour fat.  VASER is a specialized modality to take liposculpting to the next level, allowing your cosmetic surgeon to more precisely target and sculpt fat for techniques like Hi-def and 3-D liposuction.

VASER liposuction is minimally invasive and can help promote faster healing times, decreased pain and swelling, and enhance your cosmetic result!

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What Is VASER Liposuction?

VASER lipo is an advanced liposuction technology that selectively removes unwanted body fat. VASER liposuction targets fat cells without damaging surrounding tissue. This targeted and less aggressive approach is more precise, gets exceptionally smooth and shapely outcomes, and has a much faster recovery timeIt is powerful enough to eliminate substantial areas of fat, but gentle enough to treat delicate areas, such as the neck and arms.

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How does VASER lipo work?

During a VASERlipo procedure

  • The selected areas are treated with tumescent saline solution through tiny incisions.
  • The VASER probe is carefully inserted and the ultrasound energy disrupts the fat cells and liquefies the fat.
  • The Vaser probe can selectively destroy fat and allows for precise contouring, giving you the smooth defined results that VASERLipo Hi-def is known for.


VASER vs Traditional Liposuction: What's the difference?

The VASERlipo procedure is unique in its ability to spare important tissues while targeting unwanted fatThe technology dislodges fat cells from the fatty tissue matrix while leaving all other important tissues intact, resulting in smooth results and rapid healing.

The benefits of VASER Liposuction over traditional liposuction can give you:

  • A smoother result of the treated areas
  • A greater amount of skin tightening
  • Less pain
  • Less bruising
  • Less swelling

Overall you can get your end results faster with an easier post-operative recovery!


How soon can I see my VASER liposuction results?

VASERlipo results can be seen almost immediately after your procedure..  You may experience swelling 1-3 months after the procedure. Skin tightening can be seen by 6-months and even out to 18-months.  Since fat cells don’t regenerate, as long as you maintain a healthy weight and lifestyle and follow, your VASERlipo results should be semi-permanent if not permanent!


Can VASER Liposuction be used for treating Gynecomastia?

Vaser may be used for gynecomastia breaking down the fibrous fatty tissue of the breast and helps contour and “chisel” the chest area. VASER is also beneficial for the AbSculpt procedure (abdominal etching). The VASER technology allows our surgeons the ability to etch and chisel the abdominal wall muscles more precisely and safely by targeting the superficial fat, which traditional liposuction cannot do.


Will my fat come back after VASER lipo?

Once you have fat removed, it’s gone. Assuming a healthy lifestyle of proper diet and exercise, it will not return or migrate. However, because fat is necessary to a healthy body, some essential fat layers in any given area remain untreated. If you experience weight gain or loss after your VASERlipo procedure, it will tend to be proportionately distributed over your entire body. Normal aging changes can also be expected.


How much does VASER liposuction cost?

VASERlipo cost is customized to your needs, so the cost of the procedure will vary from person to person depending upon the number of body areas treated and the extensiveness of the procedure.

While the cost of the procedure is an important factor in making your decision, it should not be the only thing you consider. Make sure you do your homework on your surgeon before any cosmetic procedure is performed on you.

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