How to Prepare Before Your Gynecomastia Surgery

You've completed your consultation and medical evaluation with Dr. Marc Adajar or Dr. Anh-Tuan Truong and have decided to move forward with your ChestSculpt™ gynecomastia surgery.

Your patient care coordinator will give you all the details on how to get ready for your surgery. Please keep in mind that everyone is different, so these steps are just a general guide. If you're unsure about anything or have questions, don't hesitate to contact our office (833)-972-8578 or ask your patient care coordinator or doctor. It's very important to follow your surgeon's advice closely to make sure your surgery goes smoothly and safely.

Before Your Gynecomastia Surgery Checklist

1 to 2 Weeks Before Surgery

   Pre-operative Appointment with your patient coordinator or nurse

   Have your bloodwork labs drawn at the office or a lab near you

   Set your first post operative appointment with your surgeon.

7 Days Before Surgery

   Fill your prescriptions

   Confirm your transportation for the day of surgery. A transportation form will be sent to you.

   Start your supplements and vitamins as directed by your physician

   Finalize your payments with the office

24 to 48 Hours Before Surgery

   The surgery center will call you to confirm the time of surgery and review pre-operative instructions with you

After Your Gynecomastia Surgery Checklist

1 Day After Surgery

   Start your peptide therapy (if applicable).

3 Days After Surgery

  OK to shower. Be sure to avoid getting any of the dressings wet.

Within 7 Days After Surgery

   First post-operative visit with Dr. Adajar or Dr. Truong.

2 Weeks After Surgery

   Remove compression vest and foam.

   Start your compression shirt one size smaller than normally worn.

   Start chest and back exercises and massages

   Start incision care.

4 Weeks After Surgery

   One month follow up appointment.

   Stop the abdominal binder (for liposuction or TotalSculpt™ procedures).

6 Weeks After Surgery

  Compression shirt no longer necessary for ChestSculpt procedures.

   Stop peptide therapy (if applicable).

8 Weeks After Surgery

  Compression shirt is no longer necessary for 360 liposuction and TotalSculpt™ procedures.

3 Months After Surgery

  3 month follow up visit with your surgeon with post-operative photos. Out of state patients will be instructed to send and upload photos to the patient portal.

   Exercises are no longer necessary, however it is highly encouraged to continue for 6 months.

   Supplements and vitamins no longer necessary.

6 Months After Surgery

  6 month follow up visit with your surgeon with post-operative photos. Out of state patients will be given instructions to send or upload photos to the patient portal.

   Chest and abdominal massages are no longer necessary.

Gynecomastia Before & After Gallery

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Top Gynecomastia Surgeon Xsculpt Dr. Marc Adajar Chicago Illinois

Dr. Marc Adajar

icon BOARD CERTIFIED SURGEON   icon M.D.  icon F.A.C.S.

Dr. Marc Adajar is a board certified surgeon and started his medical career in 2006. He continued his impressive surgical career in North Chicago where he co-founded and led a successful medical practice, Precision Surgical Group, a team of highly skilled surgeons dedicated to the surgical needs of the community.

Dr. Adajar has earned numerous awards including Patients’ Choice Award for nine years in a row and Compassionate Doctor 5 year Honoree.



"Absolutely incredible and honestly life changing results from Doctor Adajar. He really knows his stuff. Expectations were met and exceeded. Would highly recommend seeking him out if you are suffering from gynocomastia. a big thing I really appreciated was how up front and honest they were about the pricing. No hidden costs. I’d highly recommend finding a specialist for this kind of thing, as results can turn out very badly if the person doing the surgery is not an absolute expert, and there’s probably few places out there who can match what xsculpt does. The whole team was great. I don’t have a single complaint. Would give more stars if could." -Verified Google Review

Dr. Anh-Tuan Truong XSculpt in Chicago

Dr. Anh-Tuan Truong

icon BOARD CERTIFIED SURGEON   icon M.D.  icon F.A.C.S.

Dr. Anh-Tuan Truong is a triple-board-certified Cosmetic Surgeon in Chicago. Dr. Truong is well known for his surgical body sculpting technique, expertise and results.

Dr. Truong has an impressive list of academic and professional achievements. He has earned numerous awards including “America’s Top Surgeons” in the field of Cosmetic Plastic Surgery in 2011 and 2018.



"I was fortunate to have a surgeon as skilled as Dr. Truong, saying his work is that of a perfectionist is an understatement. Immediately following surgery he showed me the procedure that his staff recorded and I was stunned when I saw the amount of glandular tissue he removed. Seeing how much gland was dissected is a testament to his skill and expertise with gynecomastia surgery...They truly care about their patients at the Xsculpt facility. I would happily recommend Dr. Truong to absolutely anyone who is dealing with gynecomastia. It is a life changing procedure." -Verified Google Review