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What makes XSculpt unique?

XSculpt is a one of a kind cosmetic surgery & medical practice dedicated to providing patients with a personalized “concierge” approach to total body transformation both inside and out.

Our network of experienced physicians and board-certified surgeons work with the latest medical technology to offer the most modern treatments available including minimally invasive Liposuction body sculpting procedures, Health Optimization such as Testosterone & Hormone Replacement Therapy, Integrative Medicine, and Medical Weight Loss. XSculpt is the only practice that offers patients a comprehensive treatment, helping them transform and achieve their body goals for long-term and sustainable results from the inside and out.


What Makes XSculpt Unique?

XSculpt was founded by one of Chicago’s leading Board-Certified Cosmetic Surgeon, Dr. Anh-Tuan Truong, and BHRT Specialist & Surgeon, Dr. Marc Adajar. Their approach to total body transformation has Chicago talking.

It all begins with their propriety combination of medical breakthroughs including: Testosterone and Bio-identical Replacement Therapy (TRT), exercise, nutrition, and minimally invasive laser body sculpting techniques that give help patients transform the way they look and feel inside and out.

Along with XSculpt's network of personal trainers, they created the ultimate solution for people who want to go beyond what they can accomplish with diet and exercise alone. "Diet and exercise are still very important realize that sometimes results can be limited by an individual's physical characteristics, body chemistry, and genetics."

The team at XSculpt has discovered a formula to break those barriers by adding bio-identical hormone optimization and laser body-sculpting to your body transformation regime with amazing results!

“After a certain age our bodies’ hormone levels start to decrease, making it harder to build lean muscle and lose weight,” says Dr. Adajar. “This can also affect a person’s day-to-day mood including depression, anxiety, low sex-drive, and fatigue.”

XSculpt doctors replace those vital hormones using the latest in hormone replacement technology—a 6-month implantable chip. That means no injections, no creams, and no daily medications.

At XSculpt, patients will achieve a complete body transformation using a customized regime of exercise and diet, hormone replacement therapy, and if needed, laser and surgical body sculpting. No other Medical Spa or gym combines these methods.

XSculpt’s specialist are transforming Chicago patients into superhero versions of themselves!

Nutrition + Personal Trainer + Perfect Hormone Levels + Laser/Lipo Sculpting =

"Meta Human"

How does laser body sculpting fit into Metahuman Transformation™?

*Each of us are limited by our genetics in terms of body-type and fat distribution.  Even when your hormones, vitamins, nutrition, and training are optimized, you may have stubborn areas of fat that are genetically pre-determined.  You may have difficulty getting your abs to show through.  You may have gynecomastia or enlargement of the breast gland.  If you're a female, you may have deficiency of fat in your buttock area.  All of these issues may benefit from one of our specialized surgical procedures like ChestSculpt™, AbSculpt™, 360Sculpt™, or ButtSculpt™.  Our board-certified surgeons are experts at minimally-invasive surgical body sculpting using laser and Hi-Def lipo! See our Before & After Results here!.

What body sculpting procedures are done with a Metahuman Transformation?

*The exact procedures that you may choose for your transformation can vary depending on your body type, goals, and expectations. ChestSculpt™, AbSculpt™, ArmSculpt™,  ButtSculpt™  and 360Sculpt™ are all laser hi-def body sculpting procedures our experienced board-certified surgeons at XSculpt employ to transform your body.  Each procedure is designed to sculpt and define specific areas to give you instant results beyond what diet and exercise can do.  Each procedure is minimally invasive, with tiny incisions, very little downtime and give you maximum results!

See these amazing results for yourself!

*Body transformation is a complex process.  Diet & exercise are very important, and for some, may be enough.  However, many of us are limited by our physical and hormonal condition and our genetics.  We seek to optimize you to go beyond those limits and with special techniques and break genetic barriers!  Think of XSculpt as a "Medical Gym".  Instead of personal trainers, you will have PHYSICIANS AND SURGEONS directing your body transformation inside and out.  Our Functional Medicine division will direct your bio-identical hormone optimization, while our Surgical division can treat you with the latest techniques in cosmetic surgery like SculpSure™, SmartLipo™, and Hi-def lipo to transform your body.  Finally, we complete your program with our Personal Trainers and nutritionists who are specially trained in maximizing your results!


Can anyone be a Metahuman?

*The best candidates for a MetaHuman Transformation are individuals who are dedicated to health, wellness, and physical fitness.   Whether you are a competitive athlete, a weekend warrior, or a mere mortal wanting to stay in shape, XSculpt can help you!  Age is just a number, so there are no maximum age restrictions.  Our program is designed for both men and women!  Patients should be medically fit and must be cleared to undergo any therapy or procedure recommended.  Ideal candidates are in good health and close to or at their ideal body weight and BMI. If you aren’t quite there yet, we have programs such as the medical weight loss clinic, functional medicine department, and bio-identical hormone replacement therapy center as well as a network of personal trainers that can help you get to that point where the MetaHuman Transformation will serve you best!

What is the cost for the Metahuman Transformation™ program?


The various elements of our body transformation program will vary based on individual needs and goals.  Our doctors will perform a thorough health and body evaluation which will include laboratory blood-work, an exam, and recommendations customized to your individual profile.  See our Specials Page for current pricing!

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Results will vary from person to person. For a better idea of what you can achieve, please come into the office for a consultation.