Dr. Marc Adajar

  • Board Certified Surgeon
  • M.D.
  • F.A.C.S.

I was always the “fat kid” growing up, being constantly bullied and teased because of my weight. I tried every diet known, all which resulted in regaining the weight (often more than before). As I grew older, health problems started to become apparent because of my obesity. With the passing of my close college friend due to heart problems I came to the hard realization that I had to make a change for the sake of my wife and children. I went back to medical school and concentrated heavily on nutrition and exercise physiology, eventually discovering the critical importance of hormonal, peptide, and vitamin optimization.

I began to lose weight and become healthier eventually losing over 60 pounds and reaching under 15% body fat. Unfortunately, no matter how hard I monitored my nutrition and worked out I was never able to get rid of my man-boobs (gynecomastia) and love handles.   I cut my calories as low as health would allow and I trained up to 2 hours a day sometimes, but despite this, my chest and love handles persisted.

The appearance of my chest and flanks made me very insecure about showing off what I have accomplished thus far. I continued to wear my old shirts because they hid my chest and love handles even though it looked like I was wearing a tent. You would think my self esteem and self confidence would have skyrocketed with what I accomplished but it fact, it was quite the opposite since my man-boobs and love handles were even more prominent now that I lost weight everywhere else. I was very hesitant going to any activities where my chest or love handles would be seen. My self confidence plummeted.

I then decided enough was enough. My asked my close friend and former co-resident in surgical training, Dr. Anh-Tuan Truong to help me out. Dr. Truong’s area of expertise is cosmetic surgery.   I underwent gynecomastia correction surgery and removal of love handles shortly thereafter with Dr. Truong. My surgery went awesome and the final result incredible!

I couldn’t believe how much a cosmetic procedure could boost my self image and confidence. For me (and for many of you), the decision to proceed with surgery wasn’t a matter of me wanting to look beautiful or fabulous, but me wanting to feel normal.

Because of my personal journey with health and self confidence issues, I decided to change my career away from general surgery towards health and hormone optimization combined with cosmetic surgery for men. I was certain that there were many men out there who could benefit from my expertise, training, and personal experience.   I met with Dr. Truong about my idea and was ecstatic to discover he had the same idea for some time now. Thus, XSculpt was born!

Through XSculpt, we help men who are suffering from gynecomastia and excessive abdominal fat that are resistant to diet and exercise.   We are unique from other surgeons in that we also offer help in maximizing your overall health through testosterone replacement therapy, weight loss management, peptide treatments, and anti-aging therapies. Not only will these treatments enhance your results from our cosmetic procedures by improving your overall physique, but you will live longer and healthier.

I hope to see you soon and help you through your personal journey to a better life!

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