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Peptide Therapy

Peptides are “signaling molecules” composed of certain amino acid combinations that direct your body to perform a certain action. There are thousands of peptides that naturally occur in your body but many are lost over the aging process due to natural degeneration. Peptides created in specialized laboratories are currently being used today by physicians to treat a variety of conditions.

Why are peptides becoming so popular?

Peptides are only composed of amino acids which are basically the components that make up proteins. There are no synthetic components within them. Peptides are also used to enhance your own body’s natural function, not alter it like many other medications. Finally, because peptides enhance your body’s natural function, there are little if any side effects.

What are peptides being used for?

Peptides are being used for a variety of conditions ranging from diabetes, to low blood pressure, to gynecologic applications. With the increasing recognition of the value of peptides, new uses are being discovered for weight loss, increased healing, improved sexual function, treatment for various neurodegenerative conditions, just to name a few.

Do peptides suppress or damage your body?

No! It does the opposite, it makes your body work more efficiently, heal faster, and “wake up” physiologic functions that aren’t accessible to you now. Peptides won’t cause any suppression of your systems when stopped nor will it cause any sort of damage.

How are the peptides used in your program?

XSculpt use peptides specifically targeted towards weight loss, building lean muscle mass, healing musculoskeletal injuries, improving sexual function, increase wound healing, and for several aesthetic purposes. As new peptides are discovered, our range of therapies will increase accordingly.

What are some of the peptides you use?

Some of the peptides we regularly use are CJC-1295/Ipamorelin, MK-677, and Tesamorelin for weight loss, lean muscle building, and healing. PT-141 is a peptide used for sexual, libido, and erectile dysfunction. AOD9604, BPC-157, thymosin beta and alpha are peptides specifically used for gut, musculoskeletal, and neurodegenerative healing. Melatonan 2 is used for tanning and increased libido.

A full formulary can be provided on your consultation.

Where are your peptides sourced from?

All our peptides are made from FDA certified and regulated pharmacies located within the United States. Specifically, we currently use Tailor Made Compounding pharmacy, Wells Pharmacy, and Empower pharmacy which are all FDA registered and strictly monitored for quality and safety. All the pharmacies produce over 99% pure, contaminant free peptides.

Are the physicians of XSculpt certified to use peptides?

Yes! Dr. Adajar and Dr. Batista are experienced in the use of peptides for a variety of purposes. Dr. Adajar is currently certified by the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine in Peptide Therapy as well as a member of the International Peptide Society.


Information on peptide and hormone information sheets we offer to our patients at XSCULPT

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