Vitamins and Supplements Before and After Surgery

Vitamin supplements after surgery
Vitamin supplements after surgery

To optimize your surgical results, here are some proven nutrition and vitamin supplementation
recommendations. Vitamin supplements should be started 7 days prior and continued for 3 months after surgery, or as directed by your surgeon.

Vitamin A

Vitamin A stimulates epidermal turnover, increases the rate of re‐epithelialization, and restores epithelial structure.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C, also known as ascorbic acid, is required for the synthesis of collagen. It is also a highly effective antioxidant protecting cells from damage by free radicals. Studies have shown that the vitamin can help speed the healing process of wounds.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E speeds wound healing and improves the cosmetic outcome of burns and other wounds.

Zinc Gluconate

Zinc plays a major role in regulating every phase of the wound healing process; ranging from membrane repair, oxidative stress, coagulation, inflammation and immune defence, tissue re-epithelialization, angiogenesis, to fibrosis/scar formation.


Arginine has been shown to enhance wound strength and collagen deposition in artificial incisional wounds in rodents and humans. A role for dietary intervention in the form of arginine supplementation has been proposed to normalize or enhance wound healing in humans. Either powder or tablets are acceptable.


Glutamine is the most abundant amino acid in the plasma and is a primary metabolic fuel for rapidly proliferating cells. It is utilized by immunologically active cells and cells that are involved in wound repair. Powder is preferred as it’s easier to take than tablets.

Curcumin C3

The curcumin found in turmeric can help wounds heal by decreasing inflammation and oxidation. It also lowers the response of your body to cutaneous wounds. This results in your wounds healing more quickly. Studies have found that turmeric can positively affect tissue and collagen as well.


Collagen plays a key role in each phase of wound healing. As a major extracellular matrix (ECM) protein, collagen is the most abundant protein in humans, contributing 25% of total protein mass and ~80% of the skin’s dry weight. They stimulate and recruit specific cells, enhancing the healing cascade. The collagen type should at least contain type I collagen.

Peptide Therapy

Peptides are signaling molecules that play a pivotal role in directing various bodily functions. They are composed of amino acids in specific sequences found naturally within the body. Peptides are instrumental in regulating numerous physiological processes, including muscle development, fat reduction, and recovery post-surgery. Research has demonstrated that certain peptides can significantly enhance and expedite the healing process after surgery.

Peptide therapy is recommended to start the day of your surgery and should be maintained for six weeks. Administration of these peptides is conducted through subcutaneous injections, to be self-administered once daily in the morning. We offer peptide therapy to our patients if desired.

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Vitamins and Supplements Before and After Surgery 3

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