10 ways you can increase testosterone naturally

Many of our patients often ask if there are ways to increase testosterone naturally or if there are any at home remedies available before seeking treatment. I like to identify whether there are foods, supplements, or lifestyle habits that might be contributing to their low testosterone levels first and then recommend simple (but not always easy) things they can do right away to help increase testosterone naturally.

  1. Don’t stress – constant stress at work is one of the most common causes of low testosterone.
  2. Don’t drink too much alcohol – a glass of wine a night is fine, but regular consumption (especially binge drinking) is a major testosterone killer. increase testosterone naturally A glass of wine a night is fine, but regular consumption (especially binge drinking) is a major testosterone killer
  3. Don’t skip meals
  4. Don’t take medications that block testosterone
  5. Do take supplements that support and increase testosterone naturally
  6. Do Exercise and Lift Weights – lifting heavier weights increases muscle mass which increase testosterone naturally and human growth hormone levels which also promote and support testosterone production.
  7. Do Get Vitamin D –  the best way is to increase your sunlight exposure and get outside! You can also purchase supplements at any drug store
  8. Do Eat Foods with Healthy Fats
  9. Do try to get 8 hours of quality sleep a night
  10. Do keep a healthy weight (being overweight has been linked with lower testosterone levels)

If you think you have low testosterone, we recommend asking your doctor to administer a simple blood test. We also offer blood tests at our office. Call 833-972-XSculpt or email us for more info.

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