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How Much Does Hair Transplant Cost in Chicago?

Hair loss affects both men and women of all ages, impacting self-confidence and even social interactions. In Chicago, hair transplant procedures have become increasingly popular as a permanent solution for hair restoration. This guide offers an in-depth look into the cost factors, techniques, and considerations involved in hair transplant surgery in Chicago.

In Chicago, a man is getting his hair transplant by a surgeon.000
In Chicago, a man is getting his hair transplant by a surgeon.

What goes into the cost of hair transplant surgery?

The cost of your hair transplant procedure in Chicago, Illinois will range between $5,000 and up. The total cost of hair transplant surgery will be determined based on four main factors:

  • Number of Hair Grafts Required

The primary factor in determining the cost is the number of hair grafts needed. The more grafts needed, the higher the cost. The average cost for the number of grafts will be approximately $6-$8 per graft.

  • Technique Employed

FUE and Robotic FUE are generally more expensive than FUT due to the intricate nature of the procedures.

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  • Surgeon’s Expertise & Reputation

Renowned surgeons and reputable clinics may charge more due to their expertise and high success rates.

  • The Location of Your Procedure

Costs in Chicago may vary compared to other cities, influenced by local economic factors.

An accurate cost will be provided to your once our hair micrograft specialist assesses your head during your free consultation.

Does insurance cover hair transplant surgery?

Insurance typically does not cover cosmetic procedures like hair transplants. However, we offer financing plans and payment options to assist with affordability.

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Hair transplant costs in Chicago vary based on several factors, including the chosen technique, the number of grafts, and the surgeon’s expertise. While it represents a significant financial investment, the impact on self-esteem and quality of life can be priceless. If you’re interested in learning more, take the first step by contacting our office 1-833-972-8578 and get a free quote with a hair specialist today.

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