Abdominal Etching Results

What is abdominal etching surgery?

Abdominal etching surgery is a cosmetic procedure that is designed to give the abdominal area a more sculpted and toned look. It involves the use of liposuction to remove fat from the abdomen, followed by etching of the remaining fat to create a more defined abdominal area. This procedure is often used to create a six-pack or eight-pack abdominal area.

How does VASER high-definition liposuction work?

We use precision high-definition VASER® lipo­suction technology to sculpt and shape your abdomen. Abdominal etching not only eliminates stubborn fat, but it also improve the muscles’ contour. The final result will help you attain the six-pack ab muscles you’ve always wanted.

Abdominal etching is very popular among men and women who desire a more lean and muscular appearance. The surgery should be performed by a trained surgeon who is familiar and skilled in liposculpting procedures. Liposuction alone removes the fat, whereas liposculpting requires skill and technique to “etch” the muscle contours. Your surgeon requires both artistic skill and surgical precision when performing abdominal etching. ChestSculpt™ & Lipo 360 is also a common procedure done with AbSculpt™ or abdominal etching.

An appointment with one of our high–defi­nition lipo­suction surgeons Dr. Marc Adajar or Dr. Anh-Tuan Truong will ensure that your goals for fat reduction are met.

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The Right Tool and The Right Surgeon Make a Difference

Abdominal etchings are performed through the removal of subcutaneous fat. The process involves the excision of skin and fascia followed by blunt dissection of the adipose tissue down to the level of the rectus abdominis muscles. Ultrasound-assisted liposculpture (Vaser) is one of the latest technologies used during cosmetic procedures. With Vaser, we can sculpt your body into a sleek new shape without damaging surrounding tissue. Plus, because Vaser works so quickly, you won’t experience much downtime after your procedure. The incisions are closed primarily with absorbable sutures. A postoperative compression garment is applied for two weeks following surgery. Patients should avoid strenuous activity until they can perform exercises without pain.

Abdominal etching before and after photos.

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