So you decided to have Gynecomastia surgery, here are some important recovery tips to follow.

Immediately Following Your Surgery

  • Read and make sure you understand your doctor’s post-operative instructions BEFORE going into surgery.
  • Follow instructions regarding compression or protective garments. Your post-surgical compression vest is to be worn 24 hours per day until your first post-operative appointment. You may take this garment off to shower 24-48 hours after surgery. You will be instructed to wear an elastic garment such as Under Armor for two weeks post-surgery. You may choose to wear the garment for up to 6 weeks to achieve optimal results and comfort.
  • Don’t push yourself. But do make sure that you are up and moving around. This will help you to avoid complications of surgery.
  • If you’re experiencing an abnormal amount of discomfort, aching, pain or redness, call your surgeon immediately.

how long before i can go back to work after gynecomastia surgeryFirst Week After Surgery

  • During the first week of recovery, rest and stay away from activities that raise your blood pressure to prevent bleeding at the surgical site.
  • Talk regular walks and enjoy light activity.
  • Wear your garment day and night. You can remove your garment to shower 24-48 hours after surgery.
  • If bruising is present, it should start to resolve at this point.  
  • Patients generally return to work 3-5 days after surgery.

Two Weeks After Surgery

  • You are back at work and probably ready to get moving with moderate cardiovascular activities like speed walking.
  • Avoid running for now. You will still experience a moderate amount of intermittent swelling which can be worse after too much activity.  
  • Soreness can also be expected during this time. Take it easy and listen to your body.
  • Consult your surgeon if you have questions.

One Month After Surgery

  • Feeling like yourself again and ready to start lifting? You may experience tightness in the treated areas as the scar tissue is worse around this time.  
  • Stretching and massaging of the tissues is very important. Although the tissues will feel tight, you will not likely hurt anything by stretching or weight training.  
  • Make sure you get the go-ahead from your surgeon before resuming strength training and resistance exercises.

Remember these are some general guidelines and if you have any questions about your recovery please contact your surgeon.



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