The Male BBL – Brazilian Butt Lift for Men

What is a BBL?

BBL is an acronym for a Brazilian butt lift. It is performed to improve the appearance of the buttocks using the patient’s body fat. The same technique is performed for men and women, but varying the type of styling to preserve the appropriate shape for each gender.

A male BBL is a Brazilian butt lift aimed at men who want to achieve a more defined, well-shaped butt without implants, using the transfer of fat from unwanted areas to the buttocks. It is becoming more and more common to see men requesting this type of surgery.

Although it is a more frequent procedure requested by women, a male BBL in gaining in popularity. The aesthetic goals and technique of performing a male BBL are not the same, as it is intended specifically for the male physique. In women, women want a narrow waist and buttock projection. While in men, volume is added for an athletic look without reshaping the silhouette. It is crucial that you choose a surgeon who understand the goals of men before performing male BBL.

The male BBL is the solution for those gentlemen who want a fuller, more athletic look without spending months in the gym trying to get volume in the right place in their buttocks. This surgical procedure is even helpful in case of flaccidity or muscle atrophy to achieve a wholly renewed appearance.

Why is The Male BBL So Popular?

The popularity of BBL is because it is a lower-risk surgery and less costly than buttock implants. In this surgical procedure, your cosmetic surgeon will take fat from places where it is “in excess” and inject it into the buttocks. The buttocks area tends to keep the majority of the fat implanted when done properly.

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Patients request this procedure as the preferred option as it has a relatively fast recovery and because there is no risk of rejection since it is their body’s fat. Infrequently, fat necrosis occurs, where the new fat in the buttocks becomes lumpy but that is almost always a result of the surgeon’s lack of experience and proper equipment. Healthy, transplanted fat in the right amount will develop its own blood supply. It’s up to the surgeon to do the procedure right so that your body can “plant” the new fat quickly.

On the other hand, butt lift with implants tends to cause more problems in the short, medium, and long term. One of the most common complaints is that the implants turn or move, changing the appearance of the buttocks. Pain is reported due to compression of the nerves. The recovery is longer and more difficult compared to fat transfer. When explaining these risks to patients, most prefer to opt for the more straightforward, safer surgery, that is, the BBL with fat transfer.

BBL recovery plays another significant role in its popularity, as it is speedy and uncomplicated. Patients can resume their daily activities in a matter of days; the only recommendation is that they avoid prolonged sitting for the first few weeks so that the fat can adequately adapt to its new location.

Aesthetic Differences Between Female and Male BBL

There are primarily aesthetic differences but the Brazilian butt lift surgical procedure is the same for women and men. Subcutaneous fat is extracted, purified, and reinjected within 30 minutes into the desired area.

So, what changes? The objective in a BBL for women is generally to enlarge the buttocks mid or lower area, fill in hip dips, and slim the waist. This makes the buttock’s shape more prominent and rounder, giving a very feminine shape and enhancing the curves associated with the hourglass look. In the case of the male BBL, the primary focus is on increasing the projection of a rounded, athletic look of the high and medium buttocks areas. With the possible exception of removing “love handles” with liposuction, the waist is not “snatched” in as in the feminine version of the BBL.

Our sister site Chicago Breast and Body has this information on the skinny BBL which details the approach for highly fit individuals with low body fat using VASER lipo technology.

In the male BBL, the buttocks are lifted, the size is increased. In addition, dimples can be filled and, if necessary, the skin is tightened (surgically or with j-plasma) to prevent sagging. For these reasons, it is always best to choose an experienced and well-informed surgeon with a good number of male clients.

BONUS: Enhance Your Pectorals With Fat Transfer to Create a Masculinized Chest

If the proportions of your chest are not a match to your new, athletic buttocks, consider fat transfer to your upper chest at the same time you are undergoing fat transfer for your BBL. Since you are already under anesthesia and having high-definition liposuction to remove fat, the time to consider fat transfer to other areas is now.

Suppose exercise has not worked for you to increase the size of your pectorals, or you want immediate results you can build on. In that case, you can ask your surgeon to artfully transfer fat to the pectoral area to make your chest area have a more masculine shape. The advantages of this procedure are that it increases the size and improves the shape of the men’s pectoral region naturally without implants.

Next Steps

Get rid of fat where you don’t want it and put it where you do!

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