Male BBL: ButtSculpt™ For Men

"I've always been self-conscious about my butt, now my butt is amazing!"

Our Male BBL Brazilian Butt Lift procedure is designed exclusively for the men! ButtSculpt™ is a specialized two-in-one fat transfer procedure that removes excess or unwanted fat from the torso and abdomen area (Lipo360) and is strategically injected back into the buttocks to add more volume and shape.

What is a Male BBL ButtSculpt™?

ButtSculpt™ BBL for Men is an advanced male body sculpting and enhancement procedure that uses power-assisted liposuction to remove unwanted fat from problem areas and transfer that fat to the buttock region to enhance its shape.

ButtSculpt Male BBL can help enhance your natural muscle contours, slim your waist, and give your butt a more prominent appearance.  It’s two procedures in one!

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Can Men Get a BBL?

Who says BBLs are just for women? More and more men are increasingly looking to enhance their buttocks with a Male BBL.

Having a nicely shaped butt is an integral part of a man’s overall physique.  A shapely butt is as essential as having a well-formed chest, broad shoulders, tapered back, and flat and toned abs. Unfortunately, genetics can sometimes give men a flat butt, which can be unappealing to men (and women).

Our surgeons specialize in the male physique and make your BBL look natural and proportional to your male body.

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What areas are included in a Male Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL)?

*The areas treated with ButtSculpt™ are the entire lower torso, including the upper and lower abdomen, flanks or sides, and the lower and mid-back areas, including the “love handles” and “spare tire.” Other areas can be added to the ButtSculpt, like thighs and arms. Men can also combine this procedure with ChestSculpt (gynecomastia removal).

How is fat removed and transferred to the buttocks?

The technique that is used to remove the fat is a fat-suctioning method called liposuction. ButtSculpt Male BBL liposuction requires tiny incisions which will be practically invisible over time. Your body’s shape combined with your expectations will determine if one or both of these procedures are required.

Once the fat is removed from your areas that have excessive fat, it is purified then injected through tiny incisions into the areas of your butt to make them fuller, rounder, and sexier!  The areas of the sides and above the gluteal muscles are where the majority of the fat is transferred to.

Is a Male Brazilian Butt Lift different from a BBL performed on a female?​

The technique of removing and transferring fat in the male BBL is very similar to that in women.  The difference is where the fat is transferred to in the men. Women’s butts are more rounded on the sides and top.  Men, however, desire a more masculine appearance of the butt, so the fat is placed more on the top, middle, and bottom (rather than the sides).  This causes the male butt to have more projection and a more masculine appearance than a woman’s butt.

Am I a good candidate for a Male Gluteal Augmentation?

A good candidate for ButtSculpt™ Male BBL procedure is someone who:

  • Has a low to normal BMI (Body Mass Index) 30 or below and are close to their ideal weight.
  • They cannot get rid of stubborn fat in the lower abdomen (stomach area), waist, and mid-back areas, preventing them from achieving a slim body contour.
  • Have buttocks that appear flat with no projection.

Liposuction procedures are not designed for obese or high-BMI patients or those with significant loose skin following significant weight loss. These patients may be better suited for an excision procedure like an abdominoplasty Tummy Tuck procedure.

Is a Brazilian Butt Lift for men permanent?

*Since the fat transferred to your buttocks is from your own body, the newly transferred fat will stay where it is placed.

One of the benefits of power-assisted liposuction is that fat cells cannot regenerate. Unlike traditional weight loss, where fat cells are “shrunken,” ButtSculpt ultimately reduces your capacity to store fat in the treated area.  However, if you lose a large amount of weight, the transplanted fat cells in the buttocks can shrink.

As long as you maintain a healthy diet and exercise following your procedure, your BBL should last!

What is the recovery time for a Male BBL procedure?

*The recovery for a butt lift procedure lasts about two weeks.

  • Immediately following the procedure, you will be in a recovery room for approximately 1 to 2 hours before going home.
  • Over the next 24 hours, you may experience a small amount of drainage from your incisions which will go away in a short amount of time.
  • Forty-eight hours following the procedure is when you can take your first shower.
  • We recommend that you take at least one week off from your responsibilities so that you can heal appropriately.
  • You will need to wear a unique compression garment to provide the appropriate pressure to the surgical area for about two weeks.
  •  It can take several weeks up to 6 months or more to see the final result as the swelling in the treatment area subsides. Every patient is different!

How long can I not sit on my butt following BBL surgery?

*Fortunately, this is not true. We recommend that you avoid a prolonged amount of time sitting for the first two weeks while you are recovering. Most of the fat is transferred to the sides and upper parts of your butt so that pressure to the bottom and middle parts aren’t an issue.

However, to maximize your cosmetic results from your ButtSculpt, we do recommend you either sit on a soft pillow, donut type cushion, or periodic weight shifting while you are sitting for the first two weeks or more, depending on your surgeon's instructions.

Can I make my butt bigger without surgery?

Yes, there are a few “non-surgical” options for buttock enhancement, but the results are often questionable.  While many devices and lasers are being marketed as non-surgical procedures for butt lifts, none of these devices have been proven to provide any significant or long-lasting improvement.  Another non-surgical method being advertised and performed by other places are the use of filler injections.  This option doesn’t require liposuction to harvest fat. Still, the downside is that injection of even approved fillers can cause lumps and scar tissue. The number of fillers needed to get noticeable improvement can be costly, often double the cost of a fat transfer. Our surgeons at XSculpt do not perform non-surgical butt lifts or use butt injection fillers.

See our extensive gallery of patient transformations.
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