Does Marijuana Cause Gynecomastia?

does marijuana cause man boobs?

Does marijuana cause gynecomastia?

The short answer is: the jury is still out. Many members of the medical community note a possible connection between marijuana use and gynecomastia, which is a condition where the male breasts become swollen and enlarged, however it has not been 100% proven. In animal studies, marijuana has been shown to cause low testosterone and higher estrogen, resulting in increased breast tissue. In humans however, marijuana cause gynecomastia has been harder to prove. Lower testosterone has been noted in some chronic users, but not in all studies.

The Journal Drug and Alcohol Dependence found that there was insufficient evidence to conclude that marijuana use was linked to gynecomastia. This review included 15 studies, and the authors concluded that there was not enough evidence to support a link between marijuana use and gynecomastia. Additionally, another small study found that patients with gynecomastia were not significantly different from patients who did not use cannibis.

Marijuana has long been associated with a variety of potential health benefits and risks. It is important to note that the potential risks associated with marijuana use are not limited to gynecomastia. Marijuana use has been linked to a variety of other health risks, such as an increased risk of hormone imbalance, mental health issues, respiratory problems, and impaired cognitive function. As a result, it is important to consider the potential risks associated with marijuana use before deciding whether or not to use the drug.

For those suffering from gynecomastia, some doctors point to the fact that marijuana is an estrogen stimulator-which can throw the endocrine system out of whack. And because gynecomastia is a problem closely related to hormone imbalance, it could be a problem. Be open with your doctor about your consumption so you can figure out if it is a contributing factor for you.


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