Gyno Surgery Diet and Exercise Recommendations

Gynecomastia Chest Exercises: How to Get Rid of Man Boobs with Exercise

Regular exercise can help reduce the appearance of gynecomastia in some cases. By increasing the amount of lean muscle in the chest area, you may be able to get a sculpted chest. If you’re overweight, losing weight can also reduce the appearance of “man boobs”.

  • For the first 48 hours we recommend you take it easy and avoid any exercise or cardio. You may feel very tired the first day after gynecomastia surgery from your anesthesia.
  • After 48 hours you may resume light activities. After 2-4 weeks you can resume your regular exercise routine pending your doctor’s clearance.
  • Do not go on an extreme diet before or after your surgery unless instructed by your surgeon. Your body needs calories to heal and restricting your diet during the post-operative phase is not recommended.
  • For best results, once you are cleared to exercise by your doctor, it’s important to perform regular exercise and eat nutritious meals to maintain and further enhance your results.

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