How does VASER liposuction work?

Dr. Adajar shows you how he performs VASER Liposuction on a male ChestSculpt patient in the OR. VASER liposuction is superior to traditional liposuction because it utilizes ultrasound technology to dislodge and melt the fat cells. Your surgeon liposuctions the fat. Not only is the fat removed, but this technique also tightens the skin at the same time. VASER has the ability to target fat without damaging the blood vessels and nerves, which results in less pain and faster recovery times. VASER lipo is included with our ChestSculpt gynecomastia or 360 lipo procedure, however it can all be performed on other areas including the chest, neck, thighs and arms.

before and after VASER Liposuction on a male ChestSculpt patient
How does VASER liposuction work? 4

VASER Liposuction Benefits

  • Enables removal of fat with precision, allowing your surgeon to better sculpt and define your muscle contours for an athletic appearance.
  • Minimally invasive with less pain, bruising, and less downtime than traditional liposuction.
  • Clinically proven to tighten skin.

Vaser Lipo Provides Uniform and Comprehensive Removal of Fat

The analogy that we utilize with our patients is of a cluster of grapes (fat cells) loosened collectively from the rigid vine of the extracellular matrix. The conversion of the semisolid to liquid form (cavitation) of these cells occurs by a breakdown in the connective tissue, eventually releasing up to 270,000 fat cells.

Selective Removal of Superficial Fat

Next, with VASER liposuction, you have the chance to remove fat from both the superficial and deep layers of fat. This comprehensive fat removal contrasts with traditional liposuction, which can only remove fat from the deep layer. The cannulas used in traditional liposuction can only penetrate the deep layer of fat without pillars called retaining cutaneous ligaments. These ligaments compartmentalize and hide the superficial layer of fat, making it impossible for the liposuction cannula to penetrate deep enough to reach the fat VASER can reach

before and after VASER Liposuction on a male ChestSculpt patient
How does VASER liposuction work? 5

VASER lipo should only be performed by an experienced surgeon as it requires extreme precision and technique. For a complimentary consultation, call 833-972-8578 or contact our office

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How does VASER liposuction work? 6


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