ChestSculpt + TotalSculpt | Grade 2 Gynecomastia Surgery and liposuction

ChestSculpt + Total Sculpt | Grade 2 Gynecomastia

Dr. Truong shows us a patient one month after gynecomastia correction surgery and 360 liposuction.

Dr. T with X-Sculpt here, and today we have a one-month post-op for you, this is a Total Sculpt Case. This is a gentleman that came to us, and wanted to look a little more lean.

He had Grade-2 Gynecomastia; had a little excess abdominal fat as well as fat in the flank area. So what we did was a Total Sculpt procedure, which includes the ChestSculpt Gynecomastia Surgery procedure, Liposuction … and we also did 360 liposuction for him as well.

So, we’re going to look at him, he’s only one month out. He’s looking great! He’s feeling great! At one month, you’d expect a little bit of tenderness, a little bit of numbness, that’s all normal, and minor swelling, but come take a closer look at him.

He looks awesome!

ChestSculpt + TotalSculpt | Grade 2 Gynecomastia Surgery and liposuction
ChestSculpt + TotalSculpt | Grade 2 Gynecomastia Surgery Liposuction

Let’s see his defined chest here, nice definition of the chest now, a little swelling here, that’s all going to go away, that’s going to come in, his abs look great, flattened them out. No irregularities of the abdomen, looks great. So let’s turn him around and look at the flanks, and we brought the flanks in… there’s still a little bit of swelling, a little hardness, a little tenderness there, but the flanks came in really nicely.

Then he’s going to start working out, and start reshaping them for us. Let’s have him turn all the way around, there’s one last thing I want to show you. Come in really close and see if you can see incision, take a look at where the incision was at.

His incision was right along the border of the nipple, right here, you can barely see it. The other incision is up here, that’s already starting to heal. Check out the other side, along the border of the nipple… you can’t even see it! That’s the amazing thing about this surgery, it’s all minimally invasive.

He’s only one month out but he looks amazing, we’re going to see him again at his 3-month post… he’s going to be working out for us. He’s going to be looking even more jacked at that point, so we’re going to follow up with him at that point. So, if you need gynecomastia surgery in Chicago, IL or body sculpting, check out