What is Hormone Pellet Therapy?

Simply put, hormone pellet therapy is the treatment of a person’s symptoms due to hormonal imbalance using pellets composed of bioidentical testosterone and/or estrogen.

What are testosterone pellets used for?

Testosterone pellets are used to dispense testosterone consistently at an optimal level over time.  The pellets are inserted through a 3-millimeter incision in the fatty layer under the skin of the buttocks.  The procedure is done under local anesthesia in the office and takes about 5 minutes to perform. Our testosterone pellets are bioidentical which means that the chemical composition of the testosterone within the pellet is identical to the testosterone produced by your own body.  Because the pellets release their testosterone content consistently, we are able to fine tune and adjust the amount of testosterone you receive to achieve optimal levels for your body. For this reason, testosterone pellet therapy is ideal for women.

What are the advantages pellets over hormone injections or creams?

Testosterone pellets are more efficient and effective than injections or creams.  Testosterone pellets can achieve a precise and optimal level of testosterone within your body lasting for several months which cannot be achieved by injections or creams.  The pellets are inserted every 5-6 months in men and 3-4 months in women during a 5-minute in-office procedure. Testosterone injections are usually required once to twice a week.  During these injections, your testosterone levels spike to very high levels within the first 24 hours then gradually taper down over the next 72 to 96 hours. This “spike and valley” testosterone level fluctuations are not a normal state for your body to be in and thus complications and side effects are more common with this method.  In addition, self-injections can cause anxiety for some people and irritation or bruising of the skin is not uncommon at the injection sites. Creams require a daily application and its ability to provide an optimal and consistent testosterone level in your body is difficult, if not impossible to achieve. Testosterone cream can also be transmitted to friends, family, significant others, and even to pets when the cream on your body comes in contact with their skin.

What brand of pellets do we use?

XSculpt uses testosterone pellets provided by BioTe, the largest distributor of testosterone pellets in the United States.  BioTe manufactures the highest quality pellets on the market. Each pellet is made in an FDA regulated, highly sterile condition by machinery in order to ensure the production of a high-quality pellet that provides consistent dosing. This is in contrast to other manufacturers who hand create the pellets which can add inconsistent drug dosages and impurities.

How do I know if I might need testosterone pellets?

The process to evaluate if you require hormone replacement therapy starts with a consultation with one of our XSculpt physicians.  At this consultation, your symptoms, medical history, and your candidacy to start therapy are assessed. The process of hormone replacement therapy is then discussed.  If you are interested in proceeding, a comprehensive health and hormone blood test is drawn. Your results are then reviewed by an XSculpt physician once the results are released in 5-7 business days after the blood draw.  You will be sent a copy of your results along with a personalized detailed report with a thorough explanation of what your numbers mean. Once you read your report, you can call our office and schedule treatment should you decide to proceed. To get started you can contact us here.