Gynecomastia is no laughing matter.

And many men have been body-shamed for it.  Our very own Dr. Adajar suffered from this condition until he found the solution:

He used this saying as a mantra to take control of his health and hormones and get himself treated, “Man boobs are sad, bro.”

Many of you have maybe seen our advertisement in Chicago and wondered “What does that mean?”. We used this tongue-in-cheek ad was to draw attention to this MEDICAL and HORMONAL issue!

Millions of men suffer from enlarged male breast glands or “man boobs” which can affect health, body image, and self-esteem.

However, few men realize that gynecomastia is not necessarily a fat problem, nor is it necessarily something you have to live with. Fewer men realized that it should be EVALUATED and TREATED by a physician!

At XSculpt, we offer hormone evaluation and optimization as well as effective surgical treatment like ChestSculpt™ for hormone-related issues like gynecomastia.

OUR MISSION is to help you maximize your body’s potential. By using our medical expertise and thoughtfully selected tools, we strive to make you feel stronger, healthier, and proud of what your body can do.

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